HIST3197: Uncomfortable Truths

From Africa to #GeorgeFloyd in "American" History

Instructor: Holly McGee

Offered: Spring 2022

Location: TBD, in person


It is impossible to understand the true history of this nation, or place into proper context the current racial crisis in society without a basic comprehension of the history of Africans in America.  Concepts fundamental to the creation of the United States—freedom, liberty, and democracy—are understood anew when the factor of race is injected into the narrative.  The history of our nation is a messy one, but we cannot afford to ignore those “Uncomfortable Truths” any longer.  The whitewashing of American history has resulted in both an educational and societal crisis in that insensitivity, distrust, and disdain for other people—particularly Blacks—is normalized behavior.  The only solution to this public health crisis is re-education. This lecture and reading intensive course disrupts the traditional narrative of “American” history, and serves as a starting point for students interested in understanding the critical issue of contemporary race politics. All of these issues will relate to questions of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the past and the present.

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