HNRS3065: Art, Architecture, and Engineering in Ancient Rome

The Roman Experience

UHP group in Rome

Instructor: Gian Rassati and James Swanson

Offered: Spring 2022 - We 6:00pm-8:50pm

Location: TBD

Class #: 46999


Explores the interconnection between art, architecture, and engineering in an era when they were all facets of the same product, be that a building, a church, a monument, a sculpture, or a painting. In class coverage is augmented and reinforced by first-hand experience of roman art, architecture, and engineering during a study tour to Italy. Students will be introduced to cultural aspects of Italian life and customs, to prepare for the study tour.

Students gain insight in the foundations of western civilization, and simultaneously are exposed to the cultural aspects of everyday life in Italy. Students learn rudiments of Italian language, and of the differences between everyday activities in Italy and in the United States. The study tour reinforces the in-class coverage, providing the students with the opportunity of immersing themselves in a different culture, thus helping them closer to the goal of becoming global citizens.

Wide shot of Roman city
UHP group with flag in Italy
UHP group with striped UC flag
Roman architecture

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