HNRS3076: The Bard Abides

Shakespeare in the Everyday World


For over four hundred years, the works of William Shakespeare have been adapted around the globe to remain relevant to each generation. This seminar goes beyond reading the plays to examine instead the Shakespeare effect in humor, politics, insults, gender issues, world politics, and cross-cultural understanding. For example, how is the Arab world of Shakespeare different than that of China or South Africa?  How have Star Wars and Dr. Who been influenced by Shakespeare’s characters?  What is involved in stage fighting, costume and set design, and dialogue changes?  And what do witches, race and war, mythology, poisonous plants, and cross-dressing have to do with Shakespeare? In a collaborative environment, we will engage in fresh, hands-on ways of looking at Shakespeare on the stage and in their daily lives, work with rare and unique volumes in the Archives & Rare Books Library, and create innovative learning modules for middle school, high school, and college students.

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