INTR3091: Social Innovation for Global Impact

Instructor: Aaron Bradley

Offered: T/Th 3:30-4:50

Requires a study tour to Canada 


Addressing global issues with the potential for societal impact at a human level requires embracing the ambiguity of complex challenges and rapid change, immersing in new environments and mindsets, and working across cultural, social, and environmental borders. This course will equip students as global citizen scholars and social innovation catalysts by introducing and applying the principles, mindsets, and processes of lean startup mapping, rapid ideation and prototyping, and human-centered design in the context of collaboration with a transdisciplinary, multi-cultural and multi-institutional team. Most class meetings will be structured as workshops and collaborative working sessions with students, faculty, and project stakeholders working side-by-side both in the classroom and in the field, including immersive short-term study tour experiences in Montreal (Quebec) Canada, and Cincinnati (Ohio) USA.

Fees and Grants

Program fee: $2400
UHP grant: $1200  (subtracted from program fee)
UC International grant: 800 (subtracted  from program fee)

Total amount due to UC: $400 in addition to personal expenses.

Recent team projects have included: 

  • Papillon: all-in-one reusable feminine hygiene product and underwear that will last 3-5 years, for school-age girls between 10-19 in Kolda, Senegal
  • Kuru Coolers: double-walled coolers made from recycled plastic that do not require ice, to be marketed to farmers and anglers in Nakura County, Kenya
  • Amba Yaha: all-natural edible water-soluble coating that functions as a barrier to oxygen, microbes, and moisture loss, to be marketed in Sri Lanka
  • SkyWater: custom-designed water catchment and filtration system for homes and churches in rural Haiti
I was pushed to be innovative and to be thorough in my research and my suggestions were also critiqued and pushed to take many things into account that I had never thought of before.

Fall 2020 Course Evaluation

[The class] was challenging but at the same time I was able to get more out of it than any other class at UC.

Fall 2020 Course Evaluation