PD2065: Social Justice Awareness & Global Health Experiences

Instructor: Dr. Robin Selzer

Offered: Spring 2022 - TuTh 9:30am-10:50am

Location: TBD, in person

Class #: 48107

The study tour component of this class has been cancelled for Spring 2022.


Social Justice Awareness and Global Health Experiences is designed to help students gain an effective understanding of the realities of health access and the social determinants of inequities in a global context. Students will assess their intercultural competence, explore the ethical implications of international global health volunteering, and gain real world experience by participating in social justice issues through a Covid lens and will work with local site visits and guest speakers. 


Street Car in Lisbon
Lisbon Gate
We had in-depth discussions that were open and non-judgmental. Being able to talk to my peers about pressing social justice issues was engaging and educational.
Colorful Buildings by Bay
Guest speakers made the class super engaging and it made it exciting to come to class.
Crowded Lisbon Street
The focus on social justice and the drug epidemic forced me to think about my own actions and beliefs.

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