POL2097: International Institutions

Instructor: Dr. Ivan Ivanov

Location: Brussels, Belgium and The Hague, Netherlands

Offered: Spring 2023

Course Description

International institutions have become increasingly important player in our globalized world, while also facing unprecedented challenges from various threats that include global pandemic such as COVID-19, international terrorism, economic growth, migration and others. Institutions also impact a variety of policies in different spheres of international interaction—from regulation of the global financial markets, to terrorism and transnational justice. Through on campus discussions at UC, careful reading, engaged responses, and independent research, students who take this class will gain better understanding of the challenges of globalization and the institutional responses to address these threats. The course’s research component requires from students to conduct independent research, participate in discussions, and collect primary and secondary data on a topic of their interest.

Learning Objectives

Students in this class will:

  • Compare and contrast institutional responses across different issue areas that include handing of COVID-19, economic cooperation, financial markets regulation, responses to post-conflict reconstruction, implementation of transnational justice and the dealing with the spread of infectious diseases.
  • Appraise politics and policies of institutional responses to various global threats and assess various institutions’ social, political, legal and economic underpinnings.
  • Encounter the functioning and management of different international institutions through participation in forums and discussions, and hearings at international courts and other institutions.
  • Research, write and present findings on a question related to international institutions.