POL2097: International Institutions


International institutions have become increasingly important players in our globalized world. They impact a variety of policies in different spheres of international interaction-from the regulation of global financial markets, to the pursuit of transnational justice. This course introduces students to key concepts and theories of international institutions through on campus discussions at UC and a study abroad trip to Brussels and The Hague, careful reading, engaged responses, and independent research. By visiting NATO, the European Union institutions, the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, and the International Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia, students will learn about various global threats. They will assess institutional responses to international threats and will analyze particular ethical decisions in relation to these institutions. The research trip to Brussels and The Hague will provide the students with social, political, economic, cultural, linguistic and other aspects of international institutions. They will also have opportunities to conduct independent field research, interview officials at various international institutions, participate in various forums and discussions, and collect primary data.

Important to Note

This course did not include a study tour in Spring 2021.

Past Offerings