Spring 2023 Honors Seminars

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Honors Seminars with Study Tours
Course Number Title Location Day/Time Instructor BoK
HNRS3065 Art, Architecture, and Engineering in Ancient Rome:  The Roman Experience Italy TBD Rassati, Gian
Swanson, James
MUHS3061 Experiencing the Austrian Empire in Music Hungary/
TBD Kregor, Jonathan
Floyd, Eva
PD2065 Social Justice Awareness & Global Health Experiences Tanzania TBD Selzer, Robin DEI, SCE
POL2097 International Institutions: Challenges and Opportunities in the post-Pandemic World Belgium
The Netherlands
TBD Dinev Invanov, Ivan SCE, SS


Honors Seminars
Course Number Title Class# Day/Time Instructor BoK  
ARTH3004 Collecting the World: University of Cincinnati Collections, 1819 to Today TBD TBD Platts, Christopher FA, HP

ARTE3113/PHIL3113 Strange Tools: Artistic Inquiry & Embodied Cognitive Science TBD TBD Holland, Kristopher
Chemero, Anthony
FA, HU  
BIOL2042/ENGL2042/EVST2042 Environmental Futures: Apocalypse Versus Sustainability TBD TBD Lawson, Lucinda, Twomey, Jay TBD  
CATH3000/INTR3000 The Human Condition TBD TBD Zalar, Jeff TBD  
CI3036/COMM3036 The Science of Sesame Street: STEM Education in a Media Age TBD TBD Jennings, Nancy
Dell, Laura
Schroeder, Sarah
DAAP3040/ENED3040 Sticky Innovation TBD TBD Gaskins, Whitney
Sheth, Nandita

ENGL2089 (honors sections only) Intermediate Composition - Honors
See Catalyst See Catalyst See Catalyst N/A  
FILM3018/DMC3018 Decolonial Game Design TBD TBD Torner, Evan
Bettochi, Elaine
HIST3096 Holocaust History in the Digital Age TBD TBD Sorrels, Katherine TBD

JUDC3100/HIST3100/RELG3100 Studying the Past, Saving the Present: New Paradigms for Peace in Israel-Palestine TBD TBD Finkelstein, Ari TBD  
LAW2002 Blind Injustice TBD TBD Godsey, Mark SCE, SS

LAW2012 Created Equal?: Race, Law, Citizenship and the Long Civil Rights Movement TBD TBD Norman, Matthew
Bryant, Christpher A.
MGMT TBD Be a Change Agent: Reduce, Retain and Recycle to build a Sustainable World TBD TBD Kamath, Rajan TBD  
MTEN3013 From Soda Cans to Smart Phones: How It's Made TBD TBD Paz y Puente, Ashley TI, QR  
PD2094 #bethechange: Solving Wicked Problems using Participatory Action Research TBD TBD Arthur, Brittany TBD  
PD2096 Designing a Career Path for the Greater Good TBD TBD Theis, Brodie TBD