Spring 2024 Honors Seminars

Mark Godsey, University of Cincinnati professor lead honors students, visit to Ohio Supreme Court in Columbus. UC/Joseph Fuqua II

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Honors Seminars with Study Tours
Course Number Title Location Day/Time Instructor BoK  
ARTE3041C/NS3041C From Neurons to Picasso: How and Why the Brain Makes Art France   Holland, Kristopher
Vilinsky, Ilya
ASL3050 See the World through My Deaf Eyes Washington DC   Bianco, Sara    
HNRS3065 Art, Architecture, and Engineering in Ancient Rome:  The Roman Experience Italy   Rassati, Gian
Swanson, James
EVST3014 On the River: Experiencing the Brazilian Amazon Brazil   Matter, Stephen
Tepe, Eric
HLTH3011 Democratizing Healthcare Germany or
  Kazimierczuk, Francoise
Hobek, Amy
JUDC3100/HIST3100/RELG3100 Studying the Past, Saving the Present: New Paradigms for Making Peace in Israel-Palestine Israel   Finkelstein, Ari    
Honors Seminars
Course Number Title Class# Day/Time Instructor BoK  
ARCH3051 Human-Computer Interaction in the Age of Metaverse and Extended Reality     Tang, Ming    
ENGL2089 (honors sections only) Intermediate Composition - Honors See Catalyst See Catalyst See Catalyst    
HIST3096 Holocaust History in the Digital Age     Sorrels, Katherine    
INTR3002 Politics and Power of Data     Koshoffer, Amy
Chalmers, Mark
LAW2002 Blind Injustice: The Psychology and Politics of Wrongful Convictions ​     Godsey, Mark    
MTEN3015 Learning from Catastrophic Failure: A Spur to Innovation     Erdeniz, Dinc I  
PD2094 #bethechange: Solving Wicked Problems Using Participatory Action Research     Arthur, Brittany    
RALL3080 Chocolate and Power      Moreno, Maria Paz