Akash Khanikor

Akash and friends outside of the UC Physics building

What I love most about UHP

I love the multidisciplinary nature of the seminars that are provided by UHP. When I register for a honors experience I know that I will get to work with people from all over the university belonging to different majors, disciplines and colleges. This exposure to multiple train of thoughts has helped me develop both academically and socially.

Favorite honors experience

My favorite honors experience so far was Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (ECON 3076) taught by Professor Michael Jones. It allowed me to venture into projects that were out of my comfort zone, which in turn helped me grow holistically. This class made me excited for Economics, and I ended up declaring ECON as a minor after the seminar ended. The quality of the seminar was incredible, we had renowned speakers from all over the world speak to us on cutting edge of economic systems. I would highly recommend it to people who can take it.

Akash and a friend in the snow at night
Akash and friends at the OTR Escape Room

Best UC moment so far

My best UC moment so far is being surprised about getting into UC NEXT Innovation Scholars program. It is a presidential scholarship and I applied for it during my fourth semester. We had a couple of application rounds, and eventually I received a mail saying I made the final interview stage. When I showed up for the final interview all nervous and sweating, they got all the 15 students who made it inside a room and surprised us. It was a wonderful moment of many emotions, most of which I can't even explain!

If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.

James Cameron

What's next?

I am going to be a third year this fall and I am starting two new jobs as a Supplement Review Session leader and a Resident Advisor. I will also be a part of the NIS program where I get to work with industry leaders in innovation.

Akash and friends with the Bearcat in the snow