Allison Meier

What I love most about UHP

As an engineering major, I spend a lot - and I mean a LOT - of time around other engineers. From the start though, UHP has been a way for me to bridge the gap between my usual crowd, to people in all kinds of other programs who I may never have met otherwise. It’s been an incredible experience to have immediate common ground, go on retreats with, and even live with some of the incredible people I’ve met through UHP!

Favorite honors experience

This is actually a post-pandemic experience I’m planning right now! I’m planning to take a road trip to sixteen different National Parks, and it’ll focus on creativity and global studies (two of the core UHP competencies). It may have to wait until things are safer, but I cannot wait to combine my own passion for travelling and National Parks with UHP’s enthusiasm for students to explore those passions.

Best UC moment so far

Okay, bear with me on how cheesy this is going to be. I had a tough transition into college, so the start of 2020 felt like a fresh start and also happened to be right around my birthday; on that morning I cancelled all my plans, made chocolate chip waffles with one of my rugby teammates, went hammocking with a group of my UHP friends, then went out for the evening with some of my engineering fraternity, Theta Tau. At midnight, one of them brought out a megaphone (I know!) and the entire room sang me happy birthday. It felt like the sweetest, surest sign that even though my first semester had been far from smooth, I was exactly where I needed to be, with all these amazing people here at UC.

Sometimes college can feel like you’re getting left in the dust, but only YOU are the main character of your education, involvement, and adventure. Hang in there- things get easier.

Allison Meier

What's Next?

I just started work as a firmware engineering intern with Big Ass Fans - yes, that is their real name, and yes, the fans we program can be MASSIVE. After that it’s back into classes, where I just picked up a minor in Paralegal Studies, and hopefully into the ACCEND program for my MBA! You may also see me around campus with ROAR Guides or CEAS Ambassadors. Wait, my free time… where is it all going?!