Jordyn Bailey

Jordyn smiling outside at Nippert Stadium

What I love most about UHP

I love the unique approach that UHP takes to enhancing its students' college experience while at UC. The focus placed on experience-based learning produces well-rounded, ambitious, and socially conscious students who can form innovative avenues to pursuing their passion.

Favorite honors experience

My favorite honors experience thus far is the Transitions Program sponsored through the African American Culture and Resource Center (AACRC). I was very intimated entering UC as a first-year student, but Transitions has already blessed me with a fun, supportive, and close-knit community. Feeling this sense of belonging early on has positively impacted my trajectory to becoming acclimated to UC. I am eager to succeed in the classroom and find other ways to engage my interests!

Jordyn and her family at her high school graduation
Jordyn and her family at home

Best UC moment so far

My best UC moment to date is Akwaaba 2022, sponsored by the AACRC. I loved learning about the different organizations, watching the Classy Cats perform, and seeing a step-show from some of the Divine 9 (D9) Greek organizations. A highlight was definitely the group swag surf (if you know, you know!) The event solidified that UC was equipped to support and cultivate my cultural identity.

Always aspire to do and be better.

What's next?

It is early in the semester, so my top priority is solidifying my routine and preparing for a successful year. Looking forward, I am interested in leadership roles within the Turner Scholarship Program, AACRC, and United Black Student Association.

Jordyn in a long yellow dress on the beach