Karrington Rainey

Karrington standing outside and smiling, wearing a UC polo

What I love most about UHP

The University Honors Program has helped me find different professionals related to my field which allowed me to gain multiple mentors. Also, my Honors advisor has helped me navigate my workload by giving me advice and directing me to different resources on campus. I am always encouraged to ask for help which have led to my success at the university.

Favorite honors experience

My favorite honors experience was competing in the Kuamka Extravaganza pageant through the African American Cultural Resource Center. This was a fun experience that allowed me to showcase my passions and talents. I am now currenting Miss Kuamka 2022.

Karrington at the Kuamka Extravaganza pageant
Karrington outside at night, wearing a jacket

Best UC moment so far

My best UC experience has been going on a leadership trip to Israel. I had the opportunity to travel with the Hillel organization and was able to learn about their geopolitical affairs.

In the words of Nike, my advice to any student is Just Do It. If you are thinking about joining an organization, challenging yourself, or finding new mentors, it's best if you just get out of your comfort zone.

What's next?

This is my senior year so I am trying to stay present at the moment. I am hosting a lot of events through the AACRC this year and have some new leadership roles that I am very excited about. After graduation, I will be preparing for law school applications.

Karrington outside wearing a helmet, pretending to kick the camera
Karrington wearing a formal dress with her hair in a bun