Zoe DeWitt

Zoe DeWitt fun with desserts

What I love most about UHP

I love the ability to schedule my classes early. This allows me to create a balanced schedule where I can include honors experiences as well as enough free time for me to work, study, and socialize without being overwhelmed. 

Favorite honors experience

Summer 2021 I am doing research with Dr. Brittany Hayes through UHP Discover. I know this will be my favorite because I am researching biased homicides, which I am very interested in. This research will also help me assess if I want to continue a path towards law school. 

Zoe DeWitt at football game

Best UC moment so far

I was able to buy tickets for my boyfriend and me to go to the UC vs Tulsa AAC Championship football game. This was very fun because students were unable to go to regular season games due to COVID19. This game gave me a sense of normalcy in these unique times.  

BUY A PAPER PLANNER. Even though Canvas creates a list of due dates for you, I would suggest buying a planner to add every assignment, reading, test/quiz, and whatever else you have during the week. This helps me keep myself organized and prepare for future assignments.

What's next?

Summer of 2021 I am taking a few summer courses, doing research through UHP Discover, being a peer leader for Camp Bearcats and occasionally working at Amazon. During the 2021-2022 school year, I will continue to be a part of clubs and organizations, focus on my classes, and cheer on the Bearcats at sporting events!

Zoe DeWitt virtual meeting