UHP Annual Graduation Celebration

Faculty, staff, students participated in Honors graduation celebration at Tangeman University Center (TUC) Thursday April 28, 2022. Photos by Joseph Fuqua II

Important note for graduating seniors: Five experiences must be completed by the date communicated by your honors advisor. This includes any experiences that you're currently engaged in during your final semester. Please contact your honors advisor with any questions.

Mark your calendar for this year's University Honors Program Graduation Celebration! Graduating students who have completed the program requirements will be invited to attend this special event to receive their University Honors certificate and medal. Printed invitations will be mailed to students during spring semester.

University Honors Program Graduation Celebration

The Graduation Celebration will be on April 27, 2023 at 7:00 PM in the Great Hall in TUC. 

 Business casual attire is suggested. 

Deadline for students to RSVP is April 12. Honorees may be accompanied by up to four guests. Unfortunately, due to space restrictions we are not able to allow additional guests. 

Information about the university-wide commencement ceremonies may be found at http://www.uc.edu/commencement/. All graduating University Honors students should wear their Honors medals at the commencement ceremony! Students are also welcome to wear cords corresponding to Latin Honors; however, the University Honors Program does not require or provide cords.