Spring 2019 Honors Seminars

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Honors Seminars with Study Tours
Course Number Title Class# Day/Time Instructor BoK
ENGR3002 Driving Change TBD TBD Kwuimy, C DC,SE
FAM3095 Music, Art, and Thought in Medici Florence Cancelled Cancelled Schlagel, S. TBD
HIST3096 International Institutions: The Challenges of Global and Regional Governance 45823 Mo
Ivanov, I SS
HIST3110 Modern Israel: Start-Up Nation TBD TBD Raider, M TBD
HNRS3015 ENGR3015 The Answer is Blowing in the Wind (Energy, Environment, and Society 44604 44557 TuTh
Rutz, E SE,TI


Honors Seminars
Course Number Title Class# Day/Time Instructor BoK
AEEM2061 Everday Science: Unraveling the Mysteries of Fluid Flow in Daily Lives 46200 TuTh 2:00pm-3:20pm Khare, P. QR, TI
The Human Condition 43846/
TuTh 3:30pm-4:50pm Zalar, J DC, HU
ENGL2089- honors sections only Intermediate Composition - Honor See Catalyst See Catalyst See Catalyst N/A
ENGR3002 Driving Change: Global Humanitarianism, Design and Professionalism 50353 Wed 3:30pm-6:20pm Kwuimy, Cedrick DC, SE
FAM3097 Music and Architecture 48907 TuTh 2:00pm-3:20pm Floyd, E. FA
HNRS2020 Exploring Leadership 44497 Wed 3:30pm-6:20pm Foley, T. SE, SS
HNRS3044 Mad Gods and Marvelous Worlds: Celtic and Scandinavian Myths and Legends 44522 Th 3:30pm-6:20pm Grace, K DC, HU
LAW2002 Blind Injustice: The Psychology and Politics of Wrongful Convictions 46982 Mon 3:35pm-6:25pm Godsey, M SE, SS
MTEN3013 From Soda Cans to Smart Phones 47764 MonWedFri 10:10am-11:05am Paz y Puente, A QR, TI
PD2030- honors section only Inquiry to Innovation: The Cincinnati Zoo Challenge 47723 TuTh 12:30pm-1:50pm Russell, Frank TI, SE
PD2030 - honors section only Inquiry to Innovation: What is the Future of Work? 47724 Fri 9:05am-12:10pm,
at the 1819 Innovation Hu
Bradley, Aaron TI, SE
SOC3074 Sociology of Race 50025 MonWedFri 10:00am-10:50am Wright II, Earl DC, SS