Applying FAQs

This can happen for several reasons. Returning residents who applied but did not complete self-assignment during the priority period were placed into available space. Another common error is selecting only one community with the thought that selecting only one means you would only be assigned to that community. If more people request a hall than there are spaces for students to occupy, you may be assigned to whatever hall is available based on gender

Students applying for fall move-in:

  • This usually happens if a roommate group was not verified prior to assignment. Students not assigned with their preferred roommate may contact the housing office and request an adjustment. Please note, adjusting assignments is not guaranteed and is dependent on available space. Additionally, placing you with your preferred roommate may result in being reassigned to another community
  • Another common reason students may not be placed with their requested roommate is if one student is assigned and the other is not. For example, a student assigned in one assignments group will not be placed with a requested roommate who has not completed their Assignment Requirements. 
  • A final common reason is if there are no available spaces to accommodate multiple people together. 

Students applying for spring move-in:

  • Due to limited space available in our communities, we do not accept roommate requests in the spring housing application
  • Our phone system allows for a callback request if you do not want to wait.
  • We appreciate your patience while we work diligently to respond to inquiries. If you have left a callback request on our phone system, be assured you will remain in the queue until we have contacted you. If you submit a subsequent request, you will be moved back in the queue automatically by our call system. 
  • If you have already submitted a contact request, review additional frequently asked questions and other topics on Applying FAQ or Resources.

After the Application closes for any given semester, students may request to be placed on a waitlist. Cancellations and occupancy levels are monitored on a weekly basis. If space becomes available, University Housing will contact students from the wait list and invite them to apply.

If space does not become available for fall semester, wait-listed students will be able to apply in October-November for the following semester, as space allows. 

Students who begin on-campus living in January, for the spring semester, will be included in the Contract Renewal process for the following academic year housing to be conducted in February. 

Wait-listed students will receive periodic updates from University Housing via email, sent to their respective UC email accounts.

If you are still in need of housing, we encourage you to begin the process to secure off-campus housing. Below are few links to aid your search:

  • Private listings
  • Short-term housing
  • Housing search portal from Student Government
    • The Student Government of the University of Cincinnati has partnered with a company to provide housing listings of nearby available properties. As with any other postings on our website, these listings are provided as one source of information for those who are seeking housing and should not be considered an endorsement. Confirmation of the information provided with the property manager is strongly encouraged.

You must take action to complete your application and select your space within seven calendar days of receiving this message. If you do not take action within seven calendar days, this offer will be rescinded. If you don't take action within seven calendar days, but still desire to reside in university housing, please contact the university housing office to rejoin the waitlist. 

Students new to UC

  • You must have confirmed your admission offer from UC (this means you have to send in your matriculation fee before applying for housing).
  • Incoming freshman beginning fall 2023 may begin applying for housing beginning Jan. 23, 2023. In addition, you must submit a completed and signed Housing Agreement and pay a non-refundable application fee of $100.
  • Applications for spring semester housing open the first week of October. You must submit a completed and signed Housing Agreement. 

Current UC Students

  • You must be a registered student to be eligible to live on campus.
  • Current students may generally begin applying for the next academic year in February (Contract Renewal).

Housing Agreements cannot be processed until the reservation fee is received. The $100 reservation fee is a non-refundable processing fee.

You will not automatically receive a copy of the Housing Application with Terms and Conditions if you requested housing information when you submitted your admission information to the university. Link to a PDF version of the Housing Terms and Conditions.

The priority application deadline for fall semester is typically the first week of May. Applications submitted by first-year students that are received by the priority date are guaranteed a housing placement. Applications received after the priority date will be assigned as space allows, but are not guaranteed placement.

Applications for housing renewal will close once capacity has been reached.

Review the FAQ covering waitlists for more information.

Housing applications are not complete until the $100 fee is paid.

There is no generally no set deadline for completing an application for spring semester housing. The application will be closed if applications exceed exceed available space. 

Students may indicate hall preferences on their Housing Application, as well as creating a roommate profile or roommate groups. University Housing will make every effort to accommodate your preferences.

If no more space is available in your preferred communities, you will be placed in another community

Find out more about where you may wish to live in the Communities menu.

  • Your log in credentials are your UC username (6+2) and password (same credentials as your email or Catalyst log in, for example). 
  • It can take up to three business days after you confirm your admission with the university before your information imports into the housing information system.
    • “My session has timed out” is the error message received if trying to access the housing application before the student profile has loaded into the housing system.
  • If you do not know your password, University Housing is not able to reset it. The student will need to reset their password via the self-service option in Catalyst or UC Help Desk.  

If you have left the application before you have gone through the payment process (via TouchNet), or it times out, you will need to request a reset of your shopping cart by contacting University Housing.

To avoid the cart being locked, ensure you have payment information, as well as a parent (if under 18) with you as you finalize the application.

Review details of the application at Freshmen & New Student Appplication Process.

Your application is not complete until the non-refundable $100 application fee has been paid.

Review the Terms & Conditions for more information.

For fall move-in: You will receive an email later this summer regarding specifics of the fall move-in process. For an overview of the process, please see the Move-In page of our site. 

For spring move-in: The Spring move-in date occurs the Sunday before classes begin. Students who need to move in before this date should submit an Early Arrival Request form (found in the housing portal). Specifc information about Spring move-in day processes will be added to the Move-in page of our site in November of the fall semester

This question applies to applicants to move in for the fall semester. 

The most common explanation is the student has not completed all required registration action steps. First-year and new students are required to attend VAPS, schedule a meeting with their academic advisor, register for classes, and pay their confirmation fee. Students will not be assigned until completing said requirements. 

For more information about assignment group requirements, please visit the First Year & New Students page.