Freshmen & New Student Application Process

Welcome, new Bearcat! University Housing is looking forward to meeting all of you and your classmates. Living in University Housing is a fun and rewarding experience, and it all starts with your application via the housing portal. Review the phases and their timelines below. How-to videos  accompany each phase.

Fall 2022-23 Housing Wait List Is Now Closed

Due to record demand, we do not anticipate space availability to accommodate students on the housing waitlist prior to the start of the fall 2022 semester. We encourage you to look into off-campus housing options. The University Housing website contains a resource area for students and families who wish to find alternative housing. Those who previously requested to be on the wait list will be given priority for room selection for the spring semester.

Phase 1 - Complete Application

Beginning January 24, if you have accepted Admission* to the university, you will be able to access the housing application. First-year students residing outside 50-mile radius of main campus are required to live in university housing.

During this phase you will:

  • Verify/submit general information
  • Select your meal plan; the All-Access meal plan is required for first-year residential students
    • First-year residential students are identified in Catalyst by their Tuition Guarantee Cohort, and not based on the number of college credit hours earned
  • Accept Terms & Conditions
    • If under 18, review Proxy Signature video
  • Submit non-refundable $75 application fee. Applications are not considered complete until the fee is paid.

*There is a 72-hr. window post Admission acceptance for the application to become available.

May 3 is the priority deadline for submitting a housing application. Those who submit after this date are still eligible for housing, but may be subject to the waitlist process, and may not have the option to select their own room.

How-to Videos

Phase 1 Process

Want to skip to a specific topic in Phase 1?

  • Personal details 1:30
  • Accessibility accommodation process 2:50
  • Review information regarding the university immunization policy 3:24
  • Accept the Housing Terms and Conditions 3:55
    • Signing Housing Agreement for students under 18 – discussed in separate video below
  • All-Access meal plan 4:47
  • Application fee 5:14

If You're Under 18

Phase 2 - Living-Learning Community, Roommate Profile, Roommate Groups

Process Outline

  • Begins March 1
  • Apply for a Living-Learning Community (LLC), if desired.
    • You may apply when completing the housing application. Honors or other LLC sponsors will notifiy you later if you are accepted into the housing community.
  • Complete roommate profile, and/or roommate group, if desired.
    • You do not need to create your roommate profile or have your roommate group assembled before finalizing this phase of the application.
    • You may re-enter the portal at any time before room selection to complete this step.
    • Learn more about roommates and tips for selecting them.

How-to Videos

Selecting and Applying for a Living-Learning Community

How to Complete Your Roommate Profile and Join a Roommate Group

Phase 3 - Room Selection and Move-in Appointment

Room Selection

Pick your room! Your room selection timeslot notice will be sent to your university-issued email address late-May/early-June. Important information for room selection:

  • You must have a paid housing application and Bearcats Bound Orientation (BBO) registration to be eligible for a room selection timeslot
  • Room selection period late May to early July
  • Timeslots are determined by the week in which your application fee is paid
  • Those who have created a roommate group are encouraged to select the member with the earliest timeslot to be the group leader to increase chances of getting desired room type
  • During the selection period, a room to accommodate your roommate group may not necessarily be available in your preferred community or floor. Before selection, your group should have a conversation about alternatives, such as same hall/same floor, same hall, how to split the group, etc.
  • Housing applications received after the priority deadline, May 3, are not eligible for self-selection. These housing assignments will be manually processed by the University Housing office roughly mid-July.

How-to Videos

How to complete the Room Selection process

Want to skip to a specific topic in Phase 3- Tips and Room Selection?

  • Tips - Roommate Groups 0:21
  • Room Selection experience 2:08
  • Building Selection page 3:00
  • Room Selection page 3:31
  • Available number of beds in a room or suite 3:56
  • Demonstrate selecting room and adding to cart 4:09
  • Assigning beds 5:58
  • Application Status and Booking Summary 7:25

Changing Roommate Group Leader and Verifying Group

Move-in Appointment

Move-in can be a hectic time for you and your family. However, when everyone moves in by appointment, it spreads out traffic congestion, and makes the process go more smoothly.

  • You must reserve a move-in appointment via the housing portal in mid-July/early-August
  • You will be notified by your UC-issued email when the appointment scheduler opens
  • Our Family Move-in Guide with complete details will be mailed to your permanent address on file in early August
  • Check our Move-in/Move-out page for tips on what to bring and what not to bring

How-to Video

How to Select Your Move-in Appointment

Having issues logging in to the portal?

We are aware that some students are having challenges accessing the Housing portal. Our IT team has been notified and is currently working to resolve the issue. If your Housing portal continues to load, we advise logging out and logging back in. We appreciate your patience.

Contacting Us

We know you may have more questions. Try reviewing our Applying FAQ, Room Selection FAQ, or Resources before calling or sending an email.

  • Our phone system allows for a callback request if you do not want to wait.
  • We appreciate your patience while we work diligently to respond to inquiries during this busy time. If you have left a callback request on our phone system, be assured you will remain in the queue until we have contacted you.
  • If you send an email during a high volume time, you can expect a response within 48 hours
Phone: 513-556-6461 Email: