Meal Plan

UC students eating a meal at a round table in a dining hall.

Nutrition will play a significant role in your academic success. Having the opportunity to dine with fellow residents and classmates will also play a role in your school-life balance. UC's Dining Services ensure both of those needs are met with your meal plan. Four dining centers and two grab-and-go options pair with Bearcat Card dollars to provide schedule flexibility and endless options.

Knowing what to eat can be a challenge, so our meal plan holders have the option of consulting with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. You can be confident in your food choices, and learn how to manage your dietary needs.

First-year On-Campus Residents

First year students who have a housing contract through Housing and Food Services are required to purchase a residential meal plan. Per the terms and conditions of the housing agreement they are not eligible to purchase a Campus Dining Pass or to forego purchasing a meal plan.    

Residential Unlimited Meal Plan

This plan offers students maximum flexibility to meet the needs of any eating schedule. Students have the freedom to eat a full meal or to just stop by to grab a snack. The format of this plan eliminates the need to budget meals per week and allows students to enjoy eating at the pace that works best for them. 

For added value the unlimited meal plan comes with fifteen additional meals that you can use to treat a guest and $150 Bearcat Card* dollars.

*Bearcat Card (BCC) dollars are added to the student's ID as part of the meal plan. The BCC dollars may be spent at any on-campus food location (including the Dining Centers) as well as off-campus locations participating in the BCC program. BCC dollars carry over from one semester to the next, and refund of any unspent BCC dollars is available upon request at the end of spring semester or upon leaving UC.

Campus Dining Pass

Campus Dining Pass plans are available to upper-class residential students, commuter students, staff, and faculty. It's a convenient, fresh, healthy option for all-you-care-to-eat meals when on campus!

Per the terms and conditions of the housing agreement, first year on-campus residents are not eligible to purchase the plans listed below.

If a student runs out of meals mid-term, they can purchase an additional Campus Dining Pass to add more swipes and Bearcat Card (BCC) dollars to their card. Mix and match different plans to come up with the number of meals that works best for you!    

Campus Dining Pass Options
Pass Type   Meals Per Semester    Bearcat Card Dollars
Dining Pass 100 100
Dining Pass 65  65 $150
Dining Pass 48 48
Dining Pass 36 36 $45

Upper-class/Returning On-Campus Residents

Students who choose to live on campus a second year and beyond may choose from the following options:

  • Residential Meal Plan
  • Campus Dining Pass
  • No Meal Plan

Off-Campus/Commuter Students

Students who live off campus and commute to campus may choose from the following options:

  • Residential Meal Plan
  • Campus Dining Pass
  • No Meal Plan