Room Selection

General Information & Tips

  • Chrome is the recommended browser to ensure the best performance of the housing application portal.
  • Every student will receive an individual timeslot, whether or not they are part of a roommate group. Therefore, we recommend that the group member with the earliest timeslot be assigned as group leader.
  • If you are logged into the housing portal prior to the start of your timeslot, you will need to logout and log back in before the room selection feature will be activated.
  • University Housing generally experiences higher call/email volume during room selection. You are encouraged to use our automated callback option to avoid waiting on hold. Note that multiple callback requests will result in moving you to the back of the queue.

Estimated Room Availability Resource

To help students plan for room selection, our Estimated Room Availability table will be updated as room inventory becomes more limited.

How-to Videos

How to complete the Room Selection process

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  • Tips - Roommate Groups 0:21
  • Room Selection experience 2:08
  • Building Selection page 3:00
  • Room Selection page 3:31
  • Available number of beds in a room or suite 3:56
  • Demonstrate selecting room and adding to cart 4:09
  • Assigning beds 5:58
  • Application Status and Booking Summary 7:25

How to change the Group Leader and Verify group


  • Group leaders will have the ability to assign all members of a verified roommate group.  

  • Leaders will need to verify the group on the “Roommates” page of the housing application once all members have joined their group and after any changes occurs to the group. 

  • When searching for rooms, leader must be sure to select enough beds for each member of the group. This may mean that multiple rooms are added to the cart at once. Example: group has a total of 4 members, so the leaders adds 2 double rooms to the cart and placed 2 members in each room.  

  • Group leaders will have one (1) opportunity to place group members into a room assignment. If a room change is required, leaders can call University Housing for assistance at 513-556-6461. Individual group members may also use the “room swap” option to change the assignment once they have access to room selection. 

If you have created a roommate group, the group leader has the ability to assign each member of the group to housing during the leader’s designated room selection period.

If you and your roommate’s timeslots do not align, you risk having another student assign to the room you have chosen. While a roommate group is not required, we strongly suggest that you create one and assign the member with the earliest timeslot as group leader.

Many students opt for a random roommate assignment. If that is what you prefer, on your selection day, you may assign yourself to a room that you like, and another student will self assign as your roommate, OR you may assign yourself to a room that already has someone in it.  

If you do not self-select a space by August 1, the housing office will make your assignment for you and email your housing information to you during the week of August 3. After all assignments are made, space will be very limited and room changes will be difficult to accommodate, so we strongly recommend all students go through the self-assignment process.

The search feature in the housing portal is dynamic. It reflects real-time availability. A residence hall will not show up as searchable building when there are no rooms available at that location.

Every room that is available will be visible to you during the self-assignment process. If you don’t see the room type you’re looking for, it may no longer be available. They system will offer suggestions for other available rooms to choose from.  

We do our best to provide every student with their preference in housing. However, please be aware that we have a limited number of each type of room and a limited amount of space in each building.

As long as the self-assignment process is open, you can log back into the portal at any time to change your room to a different available option. This is an opportunity to look for options that may have opened due to cancellation, change the room type and building that you prefer, or modify your assignment with a different roommate.

We have specifically divided up the self-assignment process into small groups of students to try to alleviate any issues with the log in process. However, the housing application portal can only accommodate a certain number of students at a time. If you receive a message that there are too many users logged in to the portal, please simply wait 10 minutes and attempt to log in again.

If you are receiving a log in error other than our application being at maximum capacity, please double check your username and password information. If those are being entered correctly, please contact our office via phone at 513-556-6461 or email at and we can assist.

Students residing outside a 50-mile radius of the Uptown Campus may request exemption from the University Housing requirement by completing the Freshman Exemption Form found in the housing portal on the “Forms” tab.

An additional exemption category has been added for students enrolled in all online classes and wish to remain at their permanent residence.

If you no longer wish to live on campus in the fall, when you log back into your application you will be able to complete a cancellation request.

The cancellation request form is the final step in the application process. The housing office will process all eligible cancellation requests within 2 business days. Please note that the housing deposit ($100) is only refundable if you are cancelling your housing application within 15 days of submission. The application fee ($50) is non-refundable.

If a student desires a single room, we will work to accommodate the request. If no single occupancy rooms are available, a limited number of converted spaces will be made available at a modified rate. Be sure to review the Modified Single rate table.

Students are encouraged to contact our office if no single spaces are available during the self-assignment process.

Please call the University Housing office at 513-556-6461. You may request a callback if lines are busy. Please note that multiple callback requests will result in moving you to the back of the queue.

Students (or their parents/families) moving into University Housing may share a student's vaccination information with others if they so choose.

If a student in University Housing wishes to swap living arrangements/roommates, there is a standard process to do so. The university is not assigning housing based on vaccination status.

Students seeking an accommodation for a qualifying disability should contact the Office of Accessibility Resources.

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University Housing


University Housing generally experiences higher call volume during room selection. You are encouraged to use our automated callback option to avoid waiting on hold. Note: multiple callback requests will result in moving you to the back of the queue.