Daily Living

We are glad you've chosen to live with us.  Please review the daily living pages carefully.  Topics that impact The Eden Grad units and Senator Place are included on this landing page.  Visit the individual pages for content specific to your complex.

The information below is relevant to all graduate housing locations.  All tenants are responsible for abiding by the following guidelines and policies.

COVID-19 Considerations

Note that COVID-19's impact on UC and the world continues to be a dynamic situation. To be sure you know all the latest guidelines and instructions, REGULARLY CHECK your UC email account and the UC Public Health website for information regarding these and other topics:

UC Tobacco Free

All UC-owned and leased properties are considered tobacco free.  This includes graduate housing.

Smoking and tobacco use, including chewing tobacco and electronic cigarettes, are prohibited by students, staff, faculty, visitors, vendors and contractors. Tobacco use is banned in all apartments, balconies, hallways, laundry rooms, parking lots, elevators and inside vehicles on the premises.

Anyone wishing to use tobacco needs to move to the area outside the complex perimeters using appropriate social distancing.