Bellevue Gardens

Apartment Care

  • Tenants can put in work repair requests or get lockout assistance by calling Work Control at 513-558-2500, Monday-Friday, when University offices are open.  Our office can also assist with lockouts between 9 a.m.-5 p.m. on business days by calling 513-556-0682.
  • Call UCPD Dispatch at 513-556-111 for work requests needing prompt or immediate attention outside of these hours or for after-hours lockout assistance.
  • Report smoke detector or public address system issues to UCPD Dispatch.
  • Contact Mike Hofmann, Director of UC Utilities, at if you experience a power outage.
  • Provide your apartment number, the specific issue as well as your name, phone and email address when making a work request. 

Follow the steps below to assist with the prevention, containing and elimination of pest issues:

  • Contact Work Control (513-558-2500) as soon as you see pests.  Give a thorough description of what you see and where you see it. 
  • Avoid using your own insect treatments.  Residential bug spray will render professional treatments ineffective.
  • Keep your apartment clean and clutter free.
  • Dispose of food waste in the dumpster every day.
  • Clean up spilled food and drinks on counters, floors, sinks, stovetops, other hard surfaces and in cabinets promptly.
  • Store food in airtight containers.
  • Get rid of cardboard boxes.  Roaches are attracted to them.  Plus, you could be carrying them from one place to another if you reuse these boxes when you move.
  • Note that there may be a 7 to 14 day waiting period between treatments.  Treating sooner than this is not necessary because the chemicals are still working.

Tenants are responsible for bringing their trash to one of the dumpsters next to the Stetson commercial building.


Below are some tips to keep in mind when ordering packages.  While we are not able to provide a fully secure environment for the receipt of parcels, we encourage you to consider these ideas to reduce the risk of loss or theft:

  • Schedule USPS, UPS, FedEx or other deliveries at a time when you know you will be around to accept them.
  • Check your mail on a regular basis and remove items promptly.
  • Bring packages in if you see them outside.  
  • Consider sending packages from the following companies to one of their nearby locations:
    • Amazon – 241 Calhoun Street
    • UPS – 3239 Jefferson Avenue #300
    • FedEx – 212 Calhoun Street
    • US Postal Service – 2917 Short Vine Street
    • Properly insure items that you order.
    • Require a signature.  Don’t sign for packages unless they are being delivered to you.

Tenants can receive a garage remote for an assigned space in a Bellevue Gardens garage after providing their vehicle information (make, model, year, color, license plate number w/state). Guest parking is not provided.

Enforcement for the Bellevue garages and adjacent areas is surprisingly complex.  The logistics of parking enforcement is included below:

  • Stetson Street:  Issues involving cars on Stetson Street behind the commercial building (including the area behind the dumpster) or between the street and Stetson townhomes should be reported to the Eagle Realty Group at 513-361-7788.
  • Gerard Street:  Parking on Gerard Street between Bellevue Gardens and Stetson Square Apartments makes it very difficult for tenants to access the nearby Bellevue Garage safely.  The City of Cincinnati enforces this no parking area. Contact their Parking Enforcement office at 513-352-1902 if you need assistance due to a vehicle parked on the street.
  • Bellevue Gardens Garages and Adjacent Areas:  Parking in front of door entrances, on curbs/islands parallel to the Bellevue garage, behind a garage space or in another tenant’s garage space is prohibited.  Tenants, occupants, or guests who park in front of a Bellevue garage space are subject to being ticketed or towed.

Bellevue tenants can call Parking Services directly (513-617-6969) between 7 a.m.-11 p.m., Monday-Friday, for emergency enforcement.  Outside of these hours, contact UCPD Dispatch at 513-556-1111 for assistance with emergency enforcement. Be ready to provide a license plate number, description of the vehicle, and the specific concern when calling Parking Services or UCPD for emergency enforcement.

Internet and TV Streaming

UC Secure wireless hotspots have been installed in all Bellevue Gardens.  Review the Student Quickstart Guide for instructions on how to log into UC Secure and to get technology help and support.

Philo Edu, an online television provider (IPTV), is available for residential students. See details below or visit Philo to start watching.

University Housing has partnered with College Cable Services, Inc. and Philo Edu to provide streaming television services in the residence halls. Our enhanced services let you watch TV on your computer, TV  with digital (QAM*) tuner, or mobile devices from anywhere in Bellevue Gardens or across campus while on the UC Secure Network. Below you will find information about how to connect to the cable television service as well as the channel line-up.

Using a supported browser, you can view Philo Edu on most Mac's and PC's*, as well as most iOS, Android, Roku**, and Apple TV devices.

*NOTE: The most recent version of the Microsoft Silverlight plugin is required when using a Mac or PC

**NOTE: Roku devices need to be registered and activated to work.

Use the following instructions to access and view Philo Edu programming from various devices. To Watch Philo Edu on a TV, you will need a Roku or Roku TV, an Apple TV, or a laptop (with HDMI out) connected by HDMI cable to a TV. For a current list of supported devices, visit Philo Edu

NOTE: Philo Edu can only be viewed on one device at a time and some devices may not be supported.

Watch Philo Edu on a Computer

  1. Go to and select "Log In
  2. Enter your UC issued username (6+2) and password. NOTE: You will need to setup your account the first time you log in.
  3. Start watching live TV or record some for later

Watch Philo Edu on an iOS Device

  1. Download the Philo Edu app from the iTunes App Store 
  2. Enter your UC issued username (6+2) and password
  3. Start watching live TV or record some for late

Watch Philo Edu on an Android Device

  1. Download the Philo Edu app from Google Play
  2. Enter your UC issued username (6+2) and password
  3. Start watching live TV or record some for later

Watch Philo Edu on a Roku

  1. Connect your Roku to your TV via an HDMI cable
  2. Connect your Roku's power cord to an outlet
  3. Follow the Philo-on-Roku setup instructions 
  4. Select the Philo Edu channel to watch TV on your Roku


First, connect your Roku device to the university network. This is the same process for many devices that will connect to UC’s ResNet (residential computer network)

Activations could take up to 15 minutes.

Second, you will need to set up your Roku account and register your Roku to your account.

Once you have registered your Roku to your Roku account, you can connect your Roku account to your Philo Edu account by logging in to Philo Edu on your computer and following the instructions on your account settings tab.

Philo Edu provides email support for the Philo Edu Roku Channel but cannot provide support for the Roku device itself.

The Philo Edu service provides some digital video recording features. You will find more information on the Philo Edu support site. You cannot record or play back recorded material on Roku.

Special Note: due to licensing restrictions from the content owners, most station owned by Disney companies cannot be recorded. This includes ABC stations, ESPN stations, and Disney networks.

Need help with Philo Edu? Check out the support page for helpful articles and troubleshooting tips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bellevue Gardens has begun the transition to become a residence for the university’s undergraduate population. It will be completed no later than June 30, 2022.  At that time leasing apartments by the unit will be discontinued.  Tenants residing in the graduate portion of Bellevue Gardens for 2021-2022 are not eligible to renew their leases for 2022-2023.