The Eden Grad Units

Non-Emergency Maintenance Requests

  • Submit requests through the Uptown Rentals resident portal.  You can create an account using your UC email address.
  • Call Uptown Rentals at 513-861-9394.  Ask for the maintenance department if you are calling during the day.  Follow the prompts to leave a message if you call after hours.
  • Non-emergency requests submitted after business hours will be submitted the next business day.

Emergency Maintenance Requests

  • Call Uptown Rentals at 513-861-9394 and ask for the maintenance department.
  • Do submit emergency maintenance requests online or through email.  They may not be reviewed immediately.

Examples of Emergencies

  • Fire or smoke (call 911 and leave the apartment first)
  • Major leak or sewage backup
  • Break in (window or door is broken and security is compromised)
  • You do not have heat when the outside temperature is below 55 degrees and your apartment temperature is below 64 degrees

Parking passes must be purchased through Parking Services on a semesterly basis.  Make sure your pass is visibly hung from the rear view mirror when you are parked in the garage.  Any vehicle without a displayed hangtag is subject to tow. 

Contact Uptown Rentals at 513-861-9394 if you have an issue with your parking or lose your hangtag.

The internet passwords for each complex are noted below. XX refers to your unit number.

The Eden Grad
Username: see router
Password: see router

Call Uptown Rentals at 513-861-9394 if you experience any problems with internet access or service.

The Eden Grad studio units contain the following pieces of furniture:

  • Double bed (junior loft height)
  • Small end table
  • Two soft chairs that can be pushed together to make a couch

All furniture must be kept in the apartment.  Tenants will be responsible for replacement if furniture is lost or damaged.

Follow the steps below to assist with the prevention, containing and elimination of pest issues:

  • Contact Uptown Rentals at 513-861-9394 as soon as you see pests.  Give a thorough description of what you see and where you see it.  Failing to report pests is one of the main reasons problems persist. 
  • Avoid using your own insect treatments.  Bug spray will render professional treatments ineffective.
  • Keep your apartment clean and clutter free.
  • Dispose of food waste in the trash chute every day.
  • Clean up spilled food and drinks on counters, floors, sinks, stovetops, other hard surfaces and in cabinets promptly.
  • Store food in airtight containers.
  • Get rid of cardboard boxes.  Roaches are attracted to them.  Plus, you could be carrying them from one place to another if you reuse these boxes when you move.
  • Note that there will be a 7 to 14 day waiting period between treatments.  Treating sooner than this is not necessary because the chemicals are still working.