Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Graduate Housing Features and Amenities

The kitchens in Senator Place and the Eden include the following kitchen appliances:

  • Stove/oven range
  • Full-size refrigerator
  • Kitchen sink
  • Dishwasher (Eden and newly renovated Senator Place units)
  • Microwave (Eden and newly renovated Senator Place units)
The stove/oven ranges are electric (also known as induction).

The apartments at Senator Place are not furnished.  The units at The Eden include furnishings.  The Eden units leased through graduate housing include double beds. Furnishings must stay in the unit.

Internet and all utilities are included in the rent at Senator Place. Internet, cable and all utilities are included at the Eden.

Gas is not included because these complexes do not use gas for heating or cooking.

Yes.  New and returning tenants will go through Parking Services to register their vehicles and pay for parking.  Permits will go on sale on July 1, 2023.

Occupancy and Eligibility

The apartments at 222 Senator Place and the selection of Eden grad studios leased through our office are reserved for graduate students.

Certain individuals who are not eligible to lease apartments, but who are members of the Lessee's Immediate family (defined as spouse, child, legal ward, parent or sibling) or are a Lessee's domestic partner may jointly occupy the apartment with an eligible Leesee at Senator Place.

No, undergraduate students with families are not eligible to stay at Senator Place or in the grad units at the Eden.  Please refer to our Housing search page to learn more about off-campus housing options.

The maximum occupancy limits are noted below:

  • Studio: One adult
  • One bedroom: two adults or two adults and one child under one years of age
  • Two bedroom: four adults or combination of adults and children not to exceed four people
  • Three bedroom: five adults or combination of adults and children not to exceed five people
Refer to the communities pages to determine which unit types are available for each complex.

Tenants are responsible for finding their own roommates.

No, pets are not permitted to stay in graduate or undergraduate housing.

Domestic partnership is defined as a relationship that meets the following criteria:

  • Partners are each other's sole domestic partner.
  • Neither partner is legally married to or separated from another person.
  • Partners have been in this relationship for at least six months.
  • Partners intend to remain in relationship indefinitely.
  • Partners are financially interdependent.

No. Undergraduate students are not eligible to stay at Senator Place. Undergraduates who wish to stay at the Eden should complete the undergraduate application.

Graduate enrollment is verified before prospective tenants are sent apartment offers.

Application and Leasing Processes

Refer to our step-by step instructions on how to apply for the Eden or Senator Place. Make sure to use the monthly rental rather than the academic year application.

Below are the steps of the process between submitting an application and moving into an apartment:

  • An offer email is sent to UC email account with specific apartment number and move-in date if an available apartment matches preferred unit type. Check your UC email address on a regular basis.
  • The offer gives instructions for accepting the offer and paying the $100 application fee.  All tenants are required to pay this fee.
  • Instructions for paying the $500 security deposit are sent once all application fees are paid by the tenants in the apartment.
  • An electronic lease is sent after the security deposit payment is received.
  • Directions for key retrieval and any applicable paperwork completion are emailed.
Additional steps may be required due to University, local or federal COVID-19 policies or procedures.

Offers are sent to UC email accounts if an available apartment matches preferred apartment type and desired move-in dates.  Follow these steps within two business days of receiving an offer email.

The units at Senator Place and the Eden generally become available in mid-August. For the 2022-23 academic year, the move-in date was August 10. You can pick up your keys and begin to move into your apartment on the start date of your lease.

Our office begins making offers on the first week of April. We continue to offer apartments to prospective students until all of them are leased. We offer based on when applications are received and whether an apartment is available during the requested time frame. While we offer as quickly as we can, it can take a few months to lease all graduate housing apartments.

Senator Place and the Eden leases end on July 31.

Yes.  Graduate students who have confirmed their admission are welcome to complete the undergraduate housing application.  The graduate and undergraduate applications are found on the same portal, but the processes and timelines are very different.  Please note the following:

Graduate housing applications

  • Application opens March 21 for 2023-2024 apartments.
  • 222 Senator Place and Eden grad units only.
  • Students are offered a specific apartment to occupy only if one is available. Students completing an application are not guaranteed an apartment placement. 
  • $100 application fee is only charged if student is offered an apartment.
  • $500 security deposit is paid per apartment.
  • Leased by the unit rather than space (rent is for the whole apartment).
  • Students are required to find their own roommates.
  • Primary leaseholder for each apartment pays the rent each month on payment portal, not Catalyst.
  • Lease extends from August 15-July 31 regardless of graduation date, co-ops or internships.

Undergraduate housing applications

  • Application opened January 23. 
  • Noted communities only (Eden apartments leased through graduate housing are referred to as Eden grad units).
  • All applicants are guaranteed a room space, but there is no guarantee where that space will be.
  • Applicants are required to pay non-refundable $100 application fee.
  • No security deposit is required. Students are directly billed for damage.
  • Student agrees to the housing agreement terms and conditions for their individual room space.
  • Students are assigned roommates (if applicable) if they don't request their own.
  • Students pay for room charges through Catalyst on a semesterly basis.
  • The housing agreement is for fall and spring semesters. Students can sign up for one semester if they are graduating or doing a co-op or internship. Students interested in summer housing may be required to relocate.

Bellevue Gardens fully transitioned to undergraduate housing after June 30, 2022. Interested graduate or undergraduate students are welcome to apply to stay there. However, they will no longer be rented by the unit. Refer to the information on this page about the difference between undergraduate and graduate housing for more details.

Covid Procedures and Protocols

COVID-19's impact on UC and the world continues to be a dynamic situation. Regularly check your UC email account and the UC public health website for updates and requests for information.

COVID-19's impact on UC and the world continues to be a dynamic situation. Regularly check your UC email account and the UC public health website for updates and requests for information.  


Charges will be placed on the primary leaseholder's StarRez account to make security deposit payments and monthly rent payments. These payments will be made through our office's payment portal.

All tenants are included on the lease, not just the primary leaseholder.  All tenants in the apartment are jointly and severally responsible for ensuring that the full rental amount is paid by the first of each month.

The Office of Graduate & Family Housing will determine the primary leaseholder in the event that roommates are not able to mutually agree who it should be.

Charges will be placed on the primary leaseholder's StarRez account to make monthly rent payments.  This happens between the 25th-27th of the month unless otherwise specified.  These payments will be made through our office's payment portal on the primary leaseholder's StarRez account.  Our office sends notices to tenants to let them know when the charges are available to be paid.   One payment is made per apartment.  Online payments can be made with a credit card or eCheck.

Advance payments can be made with a check or money order by carefully following these steps:

  • Check or money order should be made out to the University of Cincinnati.  Include your apartment number in the note/memo section.
  • Seal the check or money order in an envelope addressed to Sarah McCoy
  • Drop the envelope off at the front desk of Parking (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.) in Edwards IV. 
  • Ask that the payment be placed in Sarah's secure drop box.