Welcome! We hope that you enjoy your time here, whether you are here to earn a degree or have decided to make the area your permanent home. 

  • The City of Cincinnati website is full of information related to services as well as residents and visitors.  The city's government structure is also explained.  Visit this website if you need to learn about trash pickup, recycling initiatives, water service, parking tickets, pothole repairs or other topics related to the city's operations.
  • The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce is an organization that works to enhance both the economic strength and quality of life of the city. Businesses and individuals can obtain memberships.
  • The Uptown Consortium is a non-profit community development corporation dedicated to the improvement of Uptown Cincinnati. This includes the neighborhoods of Avondale, Clifton, Corryville, Clifton Heights, University Heights and Mt. Auburn.
  • CincinnatiUSA is the city's Convention & Visitor's Bureau. The website provides information on event venues, options for dining and city attractions.
  • The city's paper, The Cincinnati Enquirer, can be found online as well as in paper form.

Local Transportation Links

NightRide Shuttle

The NightRide Shuttle is a free nighttime transportation service provided to the UC campus community by Public Safety. It exists to provide safe and reliable transportation to and from many locations within a one mile radius around the UC campus. The service is available for students, faculty and staff. Your UC ID is required to use the service.

Visit the NightRide page for route information, operating hours, and times when limited service is available.

Crime Reports

Visit the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD) Neightborhood Reports  to learn more about crimes in a particular area.  Change the neighborhood in the section under the map.  The neighborhoods near UC include Clifton, Clifton/University Heights, Corryville and Fairview.

The tables below contain information regarding obtaining a driver's license or license plates in Ohio, Kentucky or Indiana. Contact the Bureau of Motor Vehicles from the respective state if you have any questions.

Driver's License Resources for the State of Ohio
Topic Name/Link
Bureau of Motor Vehicles Website

Ohio BMV

State Driving Laws Digest of Ohio Motor Vehicles Laws
Vehicle Registration Information BMV Branch Office Locations
Taking the Driver's Exam

Hamilton County Driver's Exam Stations

Where to Obtain Driver's License Deputy Registrar License Agency
Driver's License Resources for the State of Kentucky
Topic Name/Link
Bureau of Motor Vehicles Website
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
State Driving Laws Kentucky Driver's Manual
Vehicle Registration Information Offices of County Clerks
Taking the Driver's Exam Kentucky State Police Driver Testing by County
Where to Obtain Driver's License Offices of Circuit Clerks
Driver's License Resources for the State of Indiana
State Indiana
Bureau of Motor Vehicles Website

Indiana BMV

State Driving Laws Indiana Driver's Manual
Vehicle Registration Information Plates and Registrations
Taking the Driver's Exam Schedule an Indiana Driver's Exam
Where to Obtain Driver's License Branch Locations and Hours

The University of Cincinnati Uptown and Medical Campuses are located across multiple neighborhoods of the City of Cincinnati.  In all, there are 52 neighborhoods in the city.  These neighborhoods are located in the Cincinnati Public Schools district.  In addition, there are several nearby cities, towns and villages in Ohio as well as Kentucky and Indiana. 

OhioKentucky and Indiana publish report cards on school and district performance.


The Office of Off-Campus Graduate & Family Housing provides information about utilities for reference purposes. Inclusion is not a recommendation or an endorsement of any company or its business practices. The user is strongly encouraged to consider all choices carefully when there are multiple options (e.g. internet providers). All efforts are made to update information as appropriate. Users are encouraged to verify information due to the quickly changing nature of technology services.

Cincinnati Bell

Cincinnati Bell provides a number of services that include landline phone supportinternetdigital TVfioptics and home security. In addition, Cincinnati Bell is an option for energy supply. Some services are not available in all areas.

Cincinnati, Dayton, Mason, Lebanon Fioptics user guides

Getting connected

Call 513-566-4105 to order Cincinnati Bell services. Visit the Cincinnati Bell website to learn more about pricing, bundled packages and other frequently asked questions.


Spectrum's services include cable TVinternet and landline phone support

Getting connected

Call 1-855-892-1002 or shop online to order new services.

Duke Energy

Duke Energy is the gas and electric services provider for the Greater Cincinnati region. 

The Welcome Booklet for New Customers provides answers to many questions that new and existing customers have regarding power services.

Getting connected

Prospective customers are asked to provide the following information:

  • Physical address (where do you need service turned on)
  • Address you are moving from
  • Date you need the service (NOTE: Please allow three days to process online requests)
  • Mailing address (if different from the physical address)
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security # or Federal Tax ID
  • Spouse / roommate information

Requests to start, stop or move service can be made online or by calling 1-800-544-6900. New customers must be at least 18 years of age. Duke Energy can only put service in the name of the person making the application. A deposit may be requested if the applicant has not established credit.

Greater Cincinnati Water Works

Greater Cincinnati Water Works provides water to most of Hamilton County, parts of Butler and Warren Counties (OH) as well as to Boone County (KY).

Getting connected

Water is frequently factored into the rent for rental properties.  Check with the landlord or property manager to determine if you need to arrange for water service to be placed in your name. Complete the Move-in/Move-out form or call 513-591-7700 to schedule  water service connection.