Current Residents

Student lounging in a blue hammock that is tied between two trees on Campus Green.

Living in University Housing brings residents opportunities for fun and friendships, while providing stability for academic work.

We’re so happy you’ve made the choice to live on campus and hope you continue to get involved in your community, make new friends and have a positive experience. Did you like the community you chose this year? Are you interested in investigating a different location?


Follow the schedule below to be sure you meet the deadlines!


All requests must be submitted by Feb. 24.


Current residents will receive $250 when they move in!

Send them to the housing application and their application fee of $150 will be waived! 

Maintenance requests may be submitted online!

Save the Dates for Contract Renewal

Contract renewal for 2020-21 academic year is quickly approaching. University Housing has already secured some of our popular partner locations. USquare, 101 Corry, The Deacon and University Edge are all part of the housing options for 2020-21.

Contract renewal is a self-assignment process so you can select the exact hall, room, and bed space that meets your preference. Be sure to mark your calendars with these very important contract renewal dates.


2020-2021 University Housing Contract Renewal Schedule
Start Date Start Time End Date End Time Action
Jan. 22 9 a.m. n/a n/a 2020-21 Housing Applications Opens
Start building your profile and searching for roommates, if applicable.
Jan. 27 3 p.m. Jan. 29 4 p.m. Room Retention
Current residents may reserve their current bed space only for the 2020-21 academic year
Jan. 30 9 a.m. Feb. 3 4 p.m. Displaced Residents* Room Selection
Displaced residents self-assign to new bed space. Displaced residents are those who, due to hall or programming changes, are unable to select their current rooms for next year. Impacted residents will receive email notification from University Housing in early January 2020.
Feb. 4
9 a.m. Feb. 5 4 p.m. Select New Room in Group A Community Self-assign to new bed space in the following halls only: Scioto, Schneider, Stratford Heights, Siddall, Dabney, CRC,  Marian Spencer Hall, 101 Corry
Feb. 6 9 a.m. Feb 10 4 p.m. Select New Room in Group B Hall
Self-assign to new bed space in Group B Halls: Morgens, Calhoun, Daniels, Deacon, UPA, USquare, University Edge or Turner (remaining spaces from group A also included)
Mar. 2,  3 p.m.   TBA
  General Housing Application
General housing application process opens for incoming freshman, transfer students, and current students not living in university housing.

*Displaced residents will be notified via their UC email account of their displaced status early January, prior to the start of the contract renewal process.

Annual University Housing Timeline

Overview for Current Residents
Month Week Activity or Deadline
January Week 2
Lofting and room swap reopen for spring semester
  Week 4 Housing contract renewal begins for current residents
February Week 1 Contract renewal ends
  Week 3 Spring break housing request form opens
  Week 4 Housing application closes to current residents
March Week 4   Summer semester housing application opens
Week 1 Fall room swap closes
  Week 3 Move-in week
September Week 2 Lofting and room swap open for fall
October Week 1 Spring semester housing application opens
Week 1 Winter break housing request form opens