Future Students

UC Bearcat mascot statue.

Your residence community will offer much more than just a place to study and sleep. This is where you’ll meet new people at the center of a dynamic community that support your academic and personal growth. This is where you will discover new perspectives, challenge yourself and push your limits. It is where you will relax, make new friends and kick back and watch a movie.

One common theme, regardless of where you choose to live, is the sense of community and support created by Resident Advisors and community staff. Our communities give you the opportunity to share with others the common experience of being in college while learning about each other’s varied backgrounds and interests.

Community Features

All communities are fully furnished. Residents have the option to have their bed lofted to create additional space. Note: beds are 80" long and use extra-long twin sheets. 

While some room features may vary by style or community, all rooms include air conditioning, heat, high-speed Internet access, one micro-fridge unit and cable TV service. Philo streaming service is available for all residential students, except affiliated properties that provide an alternative. Apartment-style rooms include a sink, refrigerator and cooking stove. 

Each community features a laundry room, study lounge, snack vending machines, full fire protection system and 24-hour security.

All communities are smoke-free; see the alcohol policy in our Resources - Policies page.