Daniels Hall

Exterior of Daniels Hall on the University of Cincinnati campus.

Daniels Hall most likely matches what comes to mind when you think of a college residence hall. Its traditional-style structure establishes a welcoming and very social atmosphere on every floor.  When walking through its halls, you will see doors open for visitors, smiling faces and lots of decorations! After a long day of class or working on the study floor, you can unwind with friends in the lounge areas or outside, in Sigma Sigma Commons, just a short walk away.

Daniels Hall is home to the DAAP Living-Learning Community. 

Living in Daniels

Daniels Hall houses 775 students on 12 floors. Floors are coed. Study lounges and kitchenettes are provided on each floor. In addition, the hall has two classrooms, and a lobby lounge with a big screen TV.

  • Singles, triples or quads on coed floors
  • Floor lounges, hall lounges
  • Floor kitchen.


Letter Mail and Driving Directions

Daniels Hall
45 West Daniels Street
Cincinnati, OH 45219-3912

Service Desk: 513-556-0676

Packages from Home or Purchases

[Your Full Name], [Your 6+2]*
Bearcats Package Center
2715 Bearcat Way
Cincinnati, OH  45219-3539

*We recommend you use your full name as registered in Catalyst, and include a middle initial, for most efficient processing of your packages. Your Central Login (6+2) is required as well.

Video Highlights of Daniels

Floor Plans and Images

Daniels dorm room decorated with albums and tapestry
Daniels dorm room decorated with tapestry
Daniels dorm room decorated with albums and tapestry
Overhead drawing of 3-person room in Daniels Hall showing living area with one lofted bed and one bunk bead, 3 each desks and closets, and window.

Daniels Hall Triple

Overhead drawing of 1-person room in Daniels Hall showing closet to the left, desk and bed to the right and window straight ahead.

Daniels Hall Single

Floor plan of Daniels 2-person room showing 2 beds, 2 desks and 2 closets

Daniels Hall Double

Floor plan of Daniels common bathroom showing 5 toilet stalls, 6 sinks and 3 shower stalls

Daniels Hall Common Bathroom

Image of Daniels closet with swing out doors, drawers and a shared mirror

Daniels Closet

360 Photo Tours

Take a 360-degree look at rooms in Daniels Hall! Enjoy the interactive panoramas of Room 902, Room 1110 and Room 1121.