Schneider Hall

The exterior of Schneider Hall.

Schneider Hall is in a wonderful part of eastern main campus along Jefferson Avenue, and is close to multiple dining centers, shops, and restaurants. The spacious suite-style units also include a kitchenette and living room, perfect to hang out in after a long day of work and fun!

Schneider is also home to ELS Educational Services, which provides international students from all over the world with English language services. ELS students study English as a second language in order improve their language skills for their academic and professional life.  

Living in Schneider

Schneider Hall houses 168 residents in suite-style accommodations.This living option is available to all students, including freshmen. Floors are coed, suites are single gender. Suites are arranged with four people each having an individual bedroom. Each suite includes bathroom facilities, a microwave, and a refrigerator/freezer unit. In addition, the hall has a small lounge with a television, vending area, and laundry facilities.

  • Four single suite configurations
  • Common living room area in each suite
  • Floor lounges
  • Convenience counter with microfridge
  • Private bathroom area


Letter Mail and Driving Directions

Schneider Hall
60 West Daniels Street
Cincinnati, OH 45219

Service Desk: 513-556-3925

Packages from Home or Purchases

[Your Full Name], [Your 6+2]*
Bearcats Package Center
2715 Bearcat Way
Cincinnati, OH  45219-3539

*We recommend you use your full name as registered in Catalyst, and include a middle initial, for most efficient processing of your packages. Your Central Login (6+2) is required as well.

Video Highlights of JPlex, Which Includes Schneider

Floor Plan and Images

Dorm room decorated with curtains and pictures
Dorm room desk decorated with pictures
Dorm room decorated with curtains and pictures

360 Photo Tour

Take a 360-degree look at a suite in Schneider Hall! Enjoy the interactive panorama of Suite 441.