Scioto Hall

Exterior of Scioto Hall. There are trees and green space in front of the building.

Scioto Hall is Morgens Hall’s twin. This apartment community's floor-to-ceiling windows provide a breathtaking view. Features include a study lounge, service center, and social lounge that Scioto residents share with the neighboring residence hall, Marian Spencer. Students describe Scioto Hall as a quieter community with plenty of opportunities to get involved. Think of all the friendships, connections and possibilities when you choose Scioto as your new home.

Honors themed floors are available in Scioto Hall.

Living in Scioto

Roommates in Scioto Hall room.

Scioto Hall houses a total of 456 students. The building is coed by apartment. There is a kitchen in each apartment that includes a countertop microwave and stovetop/oven combination. There is vinyl composition tile flooring in the bedroom, living area, and kitchen, while the bathrooms have ceramic tile.

  • 2-Person Studios with a 10 cubic ft. refrigerator/freezer combination
  • 3-Person Studios with a 10 cubic ft. refrigerator/freezer combination
  • 4-Person, 2-Bedroom/1-Bath with a 18.1 cubic ft. refrigerator/freezer combination
  • 8-Person, 5-Bedroom/2-Bath with a 20.3 cubic ft. refrigerator/freezer combination
  • Hall laundry
  • Hall study lounge
  • Recreational equipment on lobby floor


Letter Mail and Driving Directions

Scioto Hall
2921 Scioto Lane
Cincinnati, OH 45219

Service Desk: 513-556-5135

Packages from Home or Purchases

[Your Full Name*], [Your 6+2]
Bearcats Package Center
2715 Bearcat Way
Cincinnati, OH  45219-3534

*We recommend you use your full name as registered in Catalyst, and include a middle initial, for most efficient processing of your packages. Your 6+2 is required as well.

Video Highlights of Scioto & Marian Spencer Halls

Floor Plan and Images

Floor plan of Scioto 3-person room  showing 3 beds, 3 desks, kitchen area with table, a full bathroom and a closet

Scioto Hall Triple

Floor plan of Scioto 3-person room  with dimensions showing 3 beds, 3 desks, kitchen area with table, a full bathroom and a closet
Floor plan of Scioto 8-person room showing 3 bedrooms for 2, each with 2 beds and 2 desks, and 2 single bedrooms with 1 bed and 1 desk, kitchen area with table, common area, 2 full bathrooms and closets

Scioto Hall 8-person

360 Photo Tour

Take a 360-degree look at an apartment in Morgens Hall! Since Scioto Hall is Morgens twin, many features of the two halls are the same. Enjoy the interactive panorama of Apartment 402.