Siddall Hall

Exterior of Siddall Hall. The rectangular brick building has eleven floors of rooms with tinted windows.

Siddall Hall is very similar in architecture, style, and location to Calhoun hall.  Slightly smaller than its sister building, Siddall shares the same communal and social aspects.  Students that live here enjoy taking part in many communal activities throughout the year, like their famous ping pong tournaments in the first-floor lounge or the occasional late-night ice-cream party. The typical Siddall resident is well-rounded, innovative, and interactive in their school, social, and work lives.

Siddall Hall includes the CCM themed community.

Living in Siddall

Siddall Hall is a co-ed residence hall with same-gender floors. It houses 570 students in double and single rooms on 11 floors. Each floor has a kitchenette and a lounge.

Siddall features two large lounges on the lower levels of the buildings. Recreational equipment is available for use on the lobby floor.


Siddall Hall 
2540 Corbett Drive 
Cincinnati, OH 45219-3914

Service Desk: 513-556-8281


Video Highlights of Siddall

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Floor Plan and Images

Siddall Hall single room with one bed, one desk and one closet

Siddall Hall Single

Siddall Hall double with 2 bunked beds, 2 desks and a double closet

Siddall Hall Double

Siddall Hall triple with 3 beds, 3 desks and a  triple  closet

Siddall Hall Triple

Siddall Hall quad showing 2 single beds and 2 beds bunked, 4 desks and 2 double closets

Siddall Hall Quad

Communal bathroom with 8 stalls, 8 sinks and 8 changing-shower stalls

Siddall Hall bathroom

360 Photo Tours

Take a 360-degree look at rooms in Siddall Hall! Enjoy the interactive panorama of Rooms 500 and 1106.