Core Values

Resident Education & Development Core Values are Leadership, Inclusion, Community and Learning

Learning doesn’t only take place in the classroom. As a member of a residence community, students will have the opportunity to develop life skills including leadership, inclusion, community and learning. Our program is designed to ensure students become engaged citizens and experience-based learners.

Learning Goals and Outcomes


Students will develop skills that enable them to lead self and others.

  • Students will identify healthy steps to take in problem solving and conflict management.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to effectively contribute to a team.
  • Students will discover ways to capitalize on strengths and improve upon weaknesses of personal leadership.


Students will create a community that fosters mutual understanding, respect, and a sense of belonging.

  • Students will recognize their personal identities through exploration of ideas, beliefs, and values.
  • Students will engage in meaningful interactions with others who are different from themselves.
  • Students will demonstrate an intellectual inquiry in learning more about varying identities.

UC is one of only 92 universities honored by INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine, receiving the 2019 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) award. Read about the honor, and a new program in UC News.


Students will choose to engage in behaviors that reflect a commitment to themselves, their neighbors and the greater University of Cincinnati community.

  • Students will identify their role as a community member.
  • Students will recognize how their actions impact the larger community.
  • Students will explore various ways to engage with and serve the greater University of Cincinnati community.


Students will identify ways to engage in self-discovery that results in academic success and personal growth.

  • Students will identify behaviors that contribute to holistic wellness.
  • Students will utilize support resources for their overall success.
  • Students will discover how cocurricular opportunities positively affect their academic experience.