Daily Life

A student unloading a dryer full of clothes.

Living on your own for the first time means learning to manage all the small tasks of daily life. Where do I do laundry? Where do I pick up mail? What if I get locked out? Who do I contact if something in my rooms needs to be repaired? Find answers to these common problems here.


Maintenance Requests

UC-Owned Properties

Residents should report any routine or urgent maintenance concerns to the Resident Advisor (RA) or Desk Assistant (DA) for the community. The RA/DA will submit a request to our maintenance team for follow-up. It is important that you report all your maintenance needs to the hall staff so that we can track these requests and ensure they are resolved in a timely manner.

If a reported issue becomes emergent, or has exceeded 48 hours without a maintenance response, residents are encouraged to reach back out to their RA/DA, indicating they have already had a maintenance request submitted. Hall staff will elevate the request for a timeline update and respond to residents directly.

For after-hours maintenance emergencies, please contact RA on-call. On-call numbers are posted at Service Centers, on exterior doors, and throughout the hall.


UPA residents may submit maintenance request directly via the housing portal.

101 E Corry & The Eden

Corry/Eden residents may submit maintenance request directly via the tenant portal.

The Deacon & University Edge (UEdge)

Visit the property service center desk for maintenance concerns.

Students’ first line of assistance is the Resident Advisor (RA), a peer leader assigned to each floor or unit. RAs are experienced students who are trained to have knowledge of the university, to serve as a source of information, and to help address a broad range of student concerns.

For additional help, students should see their Community Coordinator (CC), the professional staff member who manages each hall, or the Area Coordinator (AC), a senior staff member who helps manage the hall. CCs and ACs can be reached through the hall’s service center.

Parents should direct any inquiry they have to the CC of the community.

The real first question is, "do I need to bring a car to campus?" Most residents have everything they need on or just off campus, and some find that they don't use their cars as much as they thought. Parking can become expensive storage.

If you decide that bringing a vehicle is right for you, parking garages and lots are available close to the residence communities. Student permits are sold by the semester, and rates vary by facility. Parking Services has an online option. Keep in mind that the earlier you purchase, the better chance you have of getting your garage or lot of choice. Parking is limited during peak times. Parking Services may also be reached at 513-556-2283.

The Bearcat Card is the declining balance purchasing function of your student ID card. Students, faculty and staff who deposit to their Bearcat Card account can use their UC ID to make purchases on and off campus. On campus, the card can be used at all campus retail food locations, the dining centers, all UC Bookstores locations, campus vending machines, laundry machines, print stations and University Health Services.

Off campus, the Bearcat Card is accepted at an ever-growing number of retail and restaurant locations. Just by deposting to your account and carrying your UC ID, you will eliminate the need to carry cash for most of your everyday campus needs.

Deposit to your Bearcat Card online anytime, at the MainStreet Connection Center on TUC Level 3, or at campus Value Transfer Stations (VTS) (cash only).  

Actually, visitation is permitted 24 hours per day in all the halls by both family and non-family guests. All non-resident guests must be accompanied by their resident host at all times. 

Guests are limited to staying three nights (consecutive or non-consecutive) in any seven-day period, and the number of guests in a room vary from hall to hall based on room size and fire safety regulations.

While hosting guests is a right, you also have a responsibility to see that your guest adheres to all rules and to be considerate of your roommates’ rights to privacy and security.

Mail and packages are delivered to the halls six days a week and are available for pick-up seven days a week, during posted service hours, at the hall's service center.

Residents receive written notice whenever they have a package, flowers, or other item too big for their mailbox; package pick-up requires the presentation of a UC ID. Detailed information about mail and packages is available on the Resources page.

Amazon orders may not be shipped to your residence hall at any time. Instead, choose ship to the Amazon Store on Calhoun St. in USquare at the Loop.

  • 241 Calhoun St., Cincinnati, OH  45219
  • Phone: 888-280-4331

You are permitted to store your bike in your room if you wish. Most communities have bike racks immediately outside. Bikes, skateboards or scooters may not be ridden indoors as these activities are unsafe and also tend to damage our floors.

There is at least one laundry room with washers and dryers in every hall; in Daniels Hall there are two laundry rooms. Laundry rooms are accessible 24 hours per day. The machines accept Bearcat Card and coins.


  • Cash $1.75
  • Bearcat Card $1.50


  • Cash $1.50
  • Bearcat Card $1.10