Siddall to Calhoun Transition

Calhoun Hall exterior at left as originally built, rendering of renovated building at right

Fall 2022 Siddall Residents Will Move to Calhoun Upon Its Reopening

Calhoun Hall is scheduled to reopen in spring 2023. When that happens, the university will begin an extensive renovation of Siddall Hall, continuing to invest for our future students. With these changes brings an exciting opportunity to fall 2022 Siddall Hall residents - to be among the first students to live in renovated Calhoun.

How Will It Work?

Students who select Siddall Hall during the room selection process will feel the largest impact. Siddall residents will have a mid-year move/transition and will be reassigned to the newly renovated Calhoun Hall, or to any other available space within University Housing options.

What to Expect

Some details regarding the Siddall to Calhoun transition are still being finalized, however, here is what we can share now:

  • Roommate groups will remain intact for groups reassigned to Calhoun Hall to same room types (single to single, double to double, etc.) 
  • For those requesting reassignment outside Calhoun, every effort will be made to maintain groups, however assignments will be based on availability
  • Rates will be retained for comparable unit types for residents reassigned to Calhoun Hall
  • Newly assigned Calhoun residents will have an opportunity to preview the building during an open house expected in December 2022
  • Special move-in dates will be designated in December 2022 and January 2023 for the transition with moving assistance for those who need it.  

When Will We Know More?

Updates regarding the transition will be posted on this page as details become available. We will also send more details to Siddall residents (those students who self-assign to Siddall) via email throughout the summer and fall as plans are finalized.