Work Orders

How to Submit a Request

Students at most Campus Core properties will submit requests for work orders at Students must be connected to the UC network to submit work orders. 

Residents in the following communities should use this site to submit requests:

  • Bellevue Gardens
  • Calhoun Hall
  • CRC Hall 
  • Dabney Hall 
  • Daniels Hall 
  • Morgens Hall
  • Marian Spencer Hall 
  • Schneider Hall 
  • Scioto Hall
  • Siddall Hall 
  • Stratford Heights
  • Turner Halls.

It is important that you report all your maintenance needs so that we can track these requests and ensure they are resolved in a timely manner. You should include as much information in your request as possible. We highly encourage you to include photo attachments to work orders.

You will receive periodic communication regarding your work order. Examples include when a work order is opened, closed, or when the staff needs more information about a request. 

Emergency work orders
If a reported issue becomes emergent, or has exceeded 48 hours without a maintenance response, residents are encouraged to reach out to their RA/DA, indicating they have already submitted a maintenance request, and should include their work order receipt number. Hall staff will elevate the request for a timeline update and respond to residents directly. Students should not submit another work order for a previously reported issues

For after-hours maintenance emergencies
Please contact RA on-call. On-call numbers are posted at Service Centers, on exterior doors, and throughout the hall.

Residents may submit maintenance request directly via the tenant portal.

Residents of The Deacon may submit maintenance request directly via the tenant portal.

UPA residents may submit maintenance request directly via the housing portal.

Work with your RA or visit the property service center desk for maintenance concerns.

Response Time

Depending on the nature of your work order, response time may vary. Please allow between 2-7 business days for your order to be addressed. For example, requests for lock changes will receive the quickest response. If your request involves ordering materials, that may extend response time. 

Contacting Us for Follow-Up

If your request has not been addressed in the 2-7 business-day timeframe, please send an email to In that email, please include the following information:

  • Your work order request
  • The date you made the initial request
  • Who you made the initial request to (RA, front desk, or other)