Strategies for Aural Learners

Auditory learners form connections through sounds such as words or music. In order to perform your best in classes, learn how to use your learning style to achieve success. 

Classroom Strategies

When reading or in class, pay attention to:

  • The spoken information provided by the lecturer. Frequent class attendance is extremely important for auditory learners because your best time to learn is during lecture. 
  • The sound of the speaker’s voice. Sit close to the front so that the speaker’s words will not be difficult to hear. 
  • Any mnemonic devices that you can use. 
  • Your notes. You may forget to write material down because you can simply listen to the lecturer. So, be sure to leave spaces throughout your notes, even if you believe you have caught everything. This will allow you to fill in your notes later. 
  • Those students in the class with whom you could discuss concepts. Auditory learners typically like to talk through ideas, so try to explain the notes or topics with a friend. 

Study Strategies

When studying, try the following:

  • Read your notes or textbooks aloud. Create your own flashcards and quiz yourself aloud. 
  • Discuss main ideas with a classmate. 
  • Create mnemonic devices to help you remember. 
  • Take breaks, especially if studying by yourself as you may become easily distracted over time. 
  • Consider using quiet, wordless music as a background noise when studying. Auditory learners are easily distracted by both sound and silence, so non-obtrusive white noise will help keep you focused. 
  • Try to explain the information to a classmate, friend, or to a mirror. 
  • Imagine test questions and talk through them or write your answer down, then read it aloud. 
  • Use the Cornell Note-Taking Method and focus on self-quizzing aloud. 
  • When possible, ask for projects that include presentations or oral components. 
  • Remember, out loud repetition will be most important for an auditory learner, so you will need to find a time and place that you can comfortably talk aloud as you study