Aspire Scholars

The UC Aspire Scholars Program promotes the personal and professional growth of undergraduate students identified as having extraordinary potential to be transformational leaders in our society.

This competitive program is grounded in personalized advising, faculty and peer mentoring, and cultural and social engagement to encourage students to reach their full potential, while simultaneously positioning them for success in their future careers.

What is the Aspire Scholars Program?

This is a select group of undergraduate students, members of which are invited each year to apply for this program based on their demonstrated potential to positively impact society, as evidenced by previous accomplishments and/or recommendations from UC faculty and staff.

Current Aspire Scholars

Madi Alvarez
Andrew Black
Samuel Blizzard
Rahul Chandwani
Elizabeth Holden
Korey Huskonen
Alyssa Kumler
Grace Lillie
Alberta Negri
Nadia Paskert
Daniel Piatkowski
Lynn Pickering
Clare Rachwalski
Rahul Sandella
Divya Takkellapati
Rickey Terrell
Grace Thomas
Divya Vinod

Program Benefits

  • Recognition and membership in a community of a similarly-minded scholars
  • Focused guidance to help students plan and apply for national and international awards and fellowships
  • Opportunities to develop and work on exclusive projects, such as: (1)  a collaboration with students in Botswana to assist local villagers and (2) development of an University Honors Program seminar focused in the Intricacies of Dying Well.
  • Faculty mentoring to help students make the most of available opportunities
  • Professional development topics such as leadership, international etiquette, and interviewing skills
  • Invitations to special events to meet with notable leaders in the community
  • Opportunities to receive funding for travel to regional and national conferences
  • Guidance on applying to post-graduate opportunities, including graduate and professional programs

Scholar Responsibilities

  • Participation in program activities
  • Meet with staff from the Office of Nationally Competitive Awards (NCA) at least once per year to discuss career goals
  • Meet with the faculty mentor (when assigned) at least once per semester
  • Engage in scholar development activities throughout the year, including optional peer mentoring of incoming Aspire Scholars

For More Information

Please Contact:
Dr. Jenny Hyest
Director, NCA