Student Impact Symposium

The purpose of the Student Impact Symposium is to provide an opportunity for students to showcase their impact and learning outside of the classroom through their student organization, individual, or small group accomplishments.

Student Impact Symposium

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2020 Student impact Symposium

  • When: March 25th, 2020, 5-7pm
  • Where: TUC Great Hall
  • Hashtag: #UCImpact20

What is the Student Impact Symposium?

The Student Impact Symposium is intended to provide a platform for students to exhibit their impact outside of the classroom to an audience made up of potential employers, faculty, peers, family, and alumni. Students will begin the evening with an open display of their projects allowing for demonstration and dialogue between students and the audience about their impact and achieved learning outcomes. Select impact pieces will be handpicked for individual presentations to take place during a reception following the open forum, at which time prizes will be awarded and the event will come to a formal close.

Projects submitted for the Student Impact Symposium must identify with at least one of the program values of diversity, integrity, growth, leadership, and community.

2020 Student Impact Symposium


Applications will open in November. 

All accepted participants will give a poster presentation about their impact piece guided by Rolfe et al's reflective model: What? So what? Now what? 

Student Impact Symposium

Poster Exhibition

Each participant will be required to complete a poster as a visual representation of their impact piece during the Symposium, aiding students in clear communication of their journey and impact.

Poster visuals of impact pieces should be guided by the Experiential Learning Cycle and can include:

  • Timeline and development of impact piece
  • Impacted Audience
  • Identification of Symposium Value(s)
  • Result of Impact
  • Reflection/Learning as a result of project or process
  • Future Implications

Prizes for Top Presenters

  • Student Organizations 
    • First Place ---$500  
    • Second Place -- $300
    • Third Place --$100
  • Individual
    • First Place -- $ 200
    • Second Place --$100
    • Third Place --$75
  • Small Group
    • First Place -- $ 200
    • Second Place --$100
    • Third Place --$75