Student Organization Awards

SALD  Celebration of Student Involvement  / Great Hall TUC

The Celebration of Student Involvement takes place annually near the end of the Spring Semester.  The purpose of this banquet is to recognize the work, dedication, leadership, and impact of our Registered Student Organizations.  


Student Organization Awards
Award  Description
Impact Award  This award recognizes a Bearcat student organization that has made a substantive and positive impact on a specific community through direct, concerted efforts. The organization that receives the Community Impact Award should not only excel in areas of leadership and scholarship, but also seek to apply these abilities in innovative ways to improve the lives of others- whether that be locally, nationally, or globally.
Inclusive Excellence Award This award recognizes the Bearcat student organization which best pursues diversity and inclusion through its mission, activities, and/or outreach. They have undertaken significant efforts to address the inequities exacerbated during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This organization understands that our history empowers us to rethink change.
Overall Outstanding Event This award recognizes a Bearcat Student Organization that hosted an impactful event. The organization that receives the Overall Outstanding Event award should excel in areas of event planning, marketing, and student engagement.
Outside the Box This award recognizes an organization that has pivoted from their previous functions and capacities to address a new problem. This can mean anything- whether it's an inventive marketing strategy, a new event, or a virtual campaign- tell us about your organization's outside the box work.
Innovatio in Virtual Engagement Recreating in-person relationships on virtual hosting platforms is a challenge we’ve all been forced to tackle this year. This award recognizes a Bearcat Student Organization that has successfully built an energized community online. This organization prioritizes member-to-member relationships.
Rookie of the Year This award recognizes a newly formed registered student organization with a sustainable vision of change. The winner of this award will have demonstrated consistent yearlong growth as indicated by programming and adjustments to new challenges. Student Organization must have been approved during the 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 academic years. 
Student Organization of the Year This award recogizes an organization that has demonstrated excellence at the University of Cincinnati that goes beyond what is expected. Nominated student organizations will be reviewed based on membership, recruitment, programming, and service.
Individual Awards
Award Description
Advisor of the Year This award recognizes an outstanding student organization advisor.  Recipients for this award should demonstrate excellence in at least one of the following areas: Inclusive Community,  Leadership, Engagement, Advocacy, or Discovery.
Emerging Leader of the Year In an effort to honor more student voices and encourage generational Bearcat leadership, SAB would like to award three emerging leader awards. The three winners of this award take initiative, are driven to develop every day, and are enthusiastic about leadership.
President of the Year The President of the Year award serves to recognize and honor the hard work of an individual who has devoted much time, effort, and passion into their organization. This leader lifts as they climb, inspiring others to take responsibility in the face of uncertainty. Similar to the Advisor of the Year, this individual demonstrates: Inclusive Community,  Leadership, Engagement, Advocacy, or Discovery.