Division Councils

Assessment Council

The divisional Assessment Council meets bi-weekly and provides a forum for council members and divisional staff to discuss assessment projects, assessment needs, capacity-building, and data-driven decision-making. The council identifies common needs in the division and offers professional development for staff; serves as an advisory board for offices around specific assessment projects; and serves as an advisory board to divisional leadership around issues of assessment and program evaluation. For information, contact the council chair Nicole Mayo.

Campus Liaison Committee

The Campus Liaison Committee is a campus-wide committee that meets six times a year to discuss a variety of topics related to students and student success. The group aims to reduce barriers for students through alignment of processes and procedures, eliminate challenges related to student engagement and retention, and receive feedback on student-centered programs and services. The Division of Student Affairs leads the committee, which is comprised of staff members from each academic college, various Enrollment Management functions, and staff from the Office of the Provost. For more information, contact the committee chair Nicole Mayo.

Communications Council

The Communications Council meets monthly to ensure regular and timely communication within the Division of Student Affairs and with external stakeholders through relevant channels, including print, web, social media, and emerging platforms aligned with division priorities. The council acts as an advisory board to SA offices and divisional leadership around communication needs. For more information, contact the council chair Whitney White.

Equity & Inclusion Council

The Equity and Inclusion Council works to create a thriving community where all students and staff are provided with programs and services that reflect and encourage the greatest degree of learning opportunities and life-enriching experiences free of any limitations based on difference. A key component of this council is to oversee the staff equity and inclusion professional development initiative ROOTEd. For more information, contact the council chair Cheri Westmoreland.

Professional Development Council

The divisional Professional Development Council meets monthly to enhance divisional relationships, promote intellectual dialogue, stimulate professional growth, and create cross-departmental and institutional collaboration. For more information, contact the council chair Nicole Ausmer.