ROOTEd (Respecting Ourselves and Others Through Education) was created to ensure that all Division of Student Affairs staff are properly prepared to work with a diverse population of students, faculty, and staff. ROOTEd places all staff from the division on equal footing in their awareness of diversity and inclusion topics. 

ROOTEd consists of two components: the Foundations of ROOTEd Modules and the Equity & Inclusion Certificate. The modules are introductory-level training sessions that will help staff become familiar with the divisional framework for understanding diversity and inclusions initiatives, expectations regarding creating an inclusive environment, and resources for professional development.  

All Division of Student Affairs staff are encouraged to complete the modules.

The ROOTEd Equity & Inclusion Certificate

Staff who have completed the modules and are interested in continuing their learning around equity and inclusion are encouraged to pursue the ROOTEd Equity & Inclusion Certificate. Certificate requirements include:
  • Complete all three Foundations of ROOTEd modules.
  • Attend two equity and inclusion trainings or workshops.
  • Engage in five social justice experiences (e.g. Black Feminist Symposium, E&I Council Dialogue by Design events, on- or off-campus programs exposing you to different cultures, service projects in disadvantaged communities, etc.).
  • Attend either three lecture or speaker series events (like those at the Taft Research Center for instance) OR attend one equity & inclusion conference.
  • Write a one-age reflection on your certificate related engagements.
  • Write a one-page diversity commitment statement.



ROOTEd is a subcommittee of the division's Equity & Inclusion Council. The team consists of a ROOTEd Chairperson (an appointed member of the E&I Council), two ROOTEd facilitators, and an assessment coordinator.

ROOTEd 2020-2021 is currently on hold 

Special thanks to the 2019-2020 ROOTEd Team:

  • Robin Wright (Chairperson), Student Activities and Leadership Development 
  • Liz Susong, Center for Community Engagement 
  • Tiffany Fulford, Resident Education and Development  


Special thanks to the 2018-2019 ROOTEd Team:

  • Fall 2018 Chairperson: Rosalyn Collins, UC Women's Center
  • Spring 2019 Chairperson: Robin A. Wright, Student Activities and Leadership Development
  • Facilitators:
    • Trent Pinto, Resident Education and Development
    • Dr. Cheri Westmoreland, McNair Scholars Program and Cincinnati Pride Grant
    • Priscilla Ayala, Ethnic Programs & Services
  • Assessment Coordinator: Sarah Blanton, Student Wellnes Center