Student Activities Board

The SAB promotes all of UC’s 500+ clubs through Social Media, tabling and exciting events such as our annual CSI and Presidential Luncheon. SAB registers every single club on Campus-Link (the online hub for all things involvement). Make sure your club gets re-registered this year! Lastly, SAB regulates all the organizations on campus. For example consulting with club leaders to make their activities are fun, safe and as organized as possible.

          Student Activities Board Members

Headshot of Donovan Pugh

Donovan Pugh


Headshot of Karishma Ponkshe

Karishma Ponkshe

Internal VP

Headshot of Jamaluddin Pracha

Jamaluddin Pracha

External VP

Headshot of Sreya Kandarpa

Sreya Kandarpa


Headshot of Himanshu Kaushik

Himanshu Kaushik


Headshot of Bryan Rapp

Bryan Rapp


Headshot of Natalie Overstreet

Natalie Overstreet

Development Director

Headshot of Mitchell Raffenberg

Mitchell Raffenberg

Recruitment Director