COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Study and co-op abroad will re-open for Fall 2021 for select locations and programs determined via a petition process.

The university’s prohibition on international travel for official university business is expected to be lifted as of August 10, 2021. UC’s International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC) will manage a petition process to support the travel of students intending to study or co-op abroad in the Fall 2021 semester.  UC’s approval to travel is contingent upon student’s meeting host country and program entry requirements – which are subject to change.

If students travel abroad without an approved petition, it will be considered personal travel and unaffiliated to the University of Cincinnati. Therefore, UC would be unable to provide students with credit transfer, support for emergencies, financial assistance (including scholarships or financial aid), insurance, or visa letters.

Steps to Complete Petition Process

Each of the steps below should be reviewed and completed by the student who will be traveling as it is important that they are aware and informed of the risks and expectations associated with their travel. 

The petition is a part of the student's overall application to study abroad.

Step 1: Complete petition questionnaire.  This can be found in your study application and will now appear at the top of your pre-decision application requirements titled COVID-19 Considerations and Petition for International Travel. To access your application, click the button above and log-in using your UC 6+2.  

Step 2: Review Petition Approval Considerations.  After submitting your petition, review the requirement titled COVID-19 Petition Approval.  This requirement will be marked complete upon review and consideration of your petition by ITOC.  You will be notified by email when this requirement is complete.

Step 3: Notification. Within 7 - 10 days, you will recive a response to your petition from ITOC.

The following resources may be helpful in completing the petition for international travel.

 Review the petition questions and associated resources and sample responses to help you in completing the petition to travel abroad.  This sample petition is designed for a generic program traveling to Italy.  Please customize your responses to be specific to your program. 
Question  Resource Sample Response

What is your country of citizenship?



Self-response USA
Have you read risk information published by the CDC for your travel destination(s)?   Center for Disease Control Yes
Have you read risk information published by the Department of State for your travel destination(s)?   U.S. Department of State Yes

Have you read the US Embassy Information for your travel destination(s)?

U.S. embassy website for the host country Yes,
Are citizens of your country allowed to enter this location as a tourist?  Host country government website (often linked through embassy website) Yes
Does your travel require a visa?   U.S. Department of State No (based on program length of less than 90 days)
What are the COVID-19 entry requirements for your travel destination(s)? Host country government website (often linked through embassy website) I will attempt to secure passage on a “COVID-tested” flights, which do not require self-isolation upon arrival. If I am unable to secure this flight, I will need to present a negative COVID test from the past 72 hours to the local health authority upon entry, and then proceed to self-isolate for 10 days. After isolation, it is required to take another negative test. 
Does your destination require additional COVID-19 insurance to enter? Host country government website (often linked through embassy website) No
Tell us about your support network in country. Self-response I will be studying with USAC, a trusted study abroad provider. They will help me to make sure that I am taking all required and recommended safety measures upon entry and throughout the length of my program. They have developed new measures to ensure the safety of their students (including specific orientation materials, social distancing practices, site-specific COVID-19 guidelines, etc.)

Please upload any documents you've been provided about COVID-19 measures for your program.


Program provider or host university

(Any relevant documents)

What are your housing plans for the semester? What is your plan if you are required to quarantine?

Program provider or host university

I will be staying in a shared apartment during the program, but I will have a private room. This will allow for the required quarantine period in my room, during which time I will work with USAC to arrange for program participation and food delivery.

What are the COVID-19 expectations of you in country regarding COVID-19 transmission?

US embassy website for the host country; program provider or host university

Masks must be worn in public places, both indoors and outdoors, and social distancing must be observed. Currently all spaces (stores, restaurants, museums, cinemas, etc) are open, some with reduced capacity.

If you are sick in your primary destination, where will you go?

Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) resources; program provider or host university

I will consult CISI to find hospitals and/or clinics with English-speaking services near to my classes and lodging. I will use USAC as a resource to learn more about the local health facilities and what to do in the case of illness.

Are there any transportation limitations that will impact your semester abroad?

US embassy websites for countries of proposed travel

Travel to other European countries is discouraged once I arrive in Italy. I will plan to limit my travel to the local region and any USAC-approved trips. However, I understand that the situation is rapidly evolving and I will adapt my plans accordingly.

What are the COVID-19 entry requirements to return to the US?

Centers for Disease Control

I will need to test negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours of departing for the US. Because I have been vaccinated, no quarantine or self-isolation will be required upon reentry.

  • Full vaccination is strongly encouraged.

  • ITOC approvals are usually months before travel. Therefore, it is very likely that the situation abroad may change between approval and travel. Based on any changes, the travel or program may be cancelled or adjusted by ITOC. Any ITOC program determination made prior to departure may need adjustment (including cancellation) based on global or country-specific context or changes abroad.

  • Individual countries and programs abroad may have their own entry or quarantine requirements that UC cannot override.

  • Do not purchase airfare, make travel arrangements, or pay non-refundable deposits until you have received ITOC approval for your petition. Students are assuming full financial responsibilities for all costs and expenses incurred for travel.

  • Many travelers are exploring trip cancellation insurance (e.g. Cancel For Any Reason coverage). Policy coverage and costs eligibility vary greatly. Students are encouraged to be informed consumers when assessing policies and applicability to their travel situation. Trip cancellation insurance is supplemental to medical and evacuation insurance that UC International requires for all travels through CISI.

  • Travel departure may ultimately change since the global context is subject to rapid shifts. 

Beginning July 19, UC’s International Travel Oversight Committee (ITOC) will begin the review of faculty-led study abroad programs with travel abroad over winter break (associated with a fall 2021 course). A small group of programs, traveling to a single country abroad, will be considered under a pilot program.

An Evolving Situation

The global context may change suddenly and unexpectedly at any time. ITOC, in partnership with UC’s COVID Response Team, will continue to actively monitor the global health and travel environment to help safeguard our students and community.

The University may issue further rules or requirements, or be subject to a directive from a governmental authority that requires the University to change, modify or alter its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including but not limited to, discontinuing or modifying student travel. In participating in the petition process, students understand that the University, in its sole discretion, may permit or disallow travel as it deems necessary.

Questions? Contact your study abroad advisor or with any questions or concerns.