Program Development Grant

The purpose of these grants is to support the development, by UC faculty, of new study abroad opportunities for UC students.

These awards are to be used for on-site program development travel during the spring and summer of 2020 and will support the creation of new UC faculty-led study abroad programs to be offered during the 2020-2021 academic year.

Grant funding limits the funds for travel to develop new UC-administered faculty-led education abroad programs for students. Funding would be used to visit the site of the proposed program, set up student housing, develop local contacts, and make other arrangements necessary to implement such a program.

The following requests will not be considered:

  • Retroactive funding of trips already taken or currently underway at the time of the announcement of awards.
  • Trips for the sole purpose of attending or presenting a paper at an international conference or trips for research purposes.
  • Proposals requesting funding to develop exchange partner programs or other non faculty-led programs.


Proposals will be accepted from all levels/ranks of faculty as well as from staff with regular teaching duties. Preference will be given to proposals meeting any of the following criteria:

  • A faculty member who has not previously taught or led a program abroad
  • An experienced faculty program leader developing a new destination
  • Courses with an interdisciplinary focus
  • Programs that focus on students who are currently under-represented in education abroad (ethnic minorities, STEM education, first generation, non-traditional students, students in two-year degree programs)
  • Courses that integrate into the departmental curriculum (count towards a student’s major in that department as either a requirement or an elective) and will be sustainable and recurring
  • Co-investment from the home department (this need not be an equal match, but some amount or “in-kind” contribution demonstrating the department’s commitment to internationalizing its curriculum)
  • Courses in partnership with UC International strategic partners.

These grants are non-renewable and final amounts will be determined by the selection committee.  Awards are made to help offset program development international travel costs for university faculty and staff. Proposals to travel anywhere outside the United States will be accepted. Airfare or other travel requests must be economical and realistic.

To apply for the grant, submit an application packet via email to - Anne Sheridan Fugard, Executive Director, UC International - by 5:00 pm, Friday, November 15, 2019

The application packet materials should be compiled into a single scanned document and must include:

  1. A completed and signed application form
  2. A two-page (maximum), proposal addressing each of the evaluative criteria, including an explanation of why the applicant is qualified to lead such a program, and other relevant information such as local support
  3. A one-page itemized budget and explanation of each budget item (including sample budgets or itineraries from a study abroad third party provider)
  4. Copy of CV (five pages maximum)
  5. Letter of support (can be submitted via email) from applicant’s Department or Unit Head that indicates how the study abroad course will be included in the curriculum and that the faculty member has department/College approval to offer this course in the next academic year.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee who will make the final selection. Awards are anticipated to be announced within a month of the proposal deadline.

It is required that the proposal clearly and effectively demonstrates that the applicant is qualified to lead the proposed program.

  • Impact of proposal (50%) - Is this a proposal which will provide immediate and long term benefits to UC? Will it increase the study abroad opportunities for UC students? Does the proposal indicate significant engagement on the part of UC students in the planned activity? Will there be planned interaction between UC students and host country nationals? Will a good number of UC students be involved in this program (in contrast to only a few)? Is there a strong probability of program implementation and/or continuity if this proposal is funded? Is there evidence of positive departmental support for the proposed program?
  • Quality of proposal (40%) - Does the proposal articulate a well-thought-out plan for developing a study abroad course? Does the proposal contain creative ideas with a credible, appropriate, and attainable approach? Is the budget complete and realistic? Do you have a proposal from a third-party provider to support the program?
  • Cost-sharing (10%) - Is there any real cost sharing in the proposal (in contrast to a statement of “potential” or “possible” sources of additional funds)? 

Recipients will work with UC International to implement the programmatic aspects of the proposal:

  • Faculty travel is expected to be completed by the end of summer 2020.
  • Recipients will be required to meet with UC International prior to travel to discuss any changes to the original proposal that may have arisen.
  • Funding will be transferred to the recipient’s Department. All travel requests will be completed by the grantee following university procedures/requirements in Concur. It is the grantee’s responsibility to ensure that all relevant information is obtained and that the travel request is submitted for approval.
  • All travel expense reports will be submitted by the grantee in Concur, following university procedures/requirements.

Within 30 days of completing the funded activity, grantees will be required to submit a narrative report (2 pages maximum) of the trip to UC International Programs. Reports not submitted in a timely manner will render the grant recipient ineligible for future grants. 

After receipt of the report, recipients will be contacted for an in-person meeting to begin planning the proposed study abroad course/program.