COVID-19 Faculty Information

Providing Testing Accommodations

Testing Services coordinates accommodated classroom testing on behalf of instructors for students with disabilities who are registered with Accessibility Resources. Students intending to utilize accommodations must notify instructors by presenting an Accommodation Form originating from the Accessibility Resources office. Students are encouraged to engage the instructor in how their needs will be met throughout the semester, and then each instructor must sign the Accommodation Form. Instructors are encouraged to keep a copy of the form for their records, and students must turn signed forms into Accessibility Resources prior to receiving accommodations.

Student Accommodations and Online Proctoring

UC students registered with the Accessibility Resources (AR) office are able to receive their testing accommodations through our online proctoring vendors. Instructors are responsible for ensuring that testing accommodations are provided, even when delivering an online exam.

Faculty can manage exams directly in Canvas. You can establish exam length and window of availability in the Canvas exam settings. You can also facilitate testing accommodations, such as additional time, within your Canvas exam settings. When using proctoring services you will need to provide vendors with additional information about a student’s testing accommodations. You can help ensure that students are able to take their online exams, proctored without interruptions or distractions, while ensuring exam integrity.

Lastly, to help support accommodated students with online assessments in Canvas, set your assessments to show one question at a time instead of multiple questions on a page to scroll through.

honorlock logo

When using Honorlock to proctor your exam you must enter any student accommodations into the Proctor Guidelines box. Stating the student's accommodations with Honorlock will prevent a proctor from interrupting your student(s) during their exam if they are observed participating in one of the pre‐established accommodations which would not normally be allowed.

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When using ProctorU you must enter any student accommodations into the Additional Exam Notes & Accommodations field, within Exam Configuration.

Keep in mind that due to the human proctoring nature of ProctorU students are required to pre‐schedule their exam start time at least 72 hours out from the exam window that you’ve established in your Canvas exam settings.

If students with accommodations cannot find and schedule their exam at a reasonable time they can contact ProctorU within their ProctorU account via Live Chat or by calling ProctorU directly 855‐772‐8678 to request assistance scheduling their exam.

Possible Online Accommodations

When working with accommodated students, faculty should provide proctoring vendors with a list of allowed accommodations for each individual student.  Each student with accommodations may require different testing conditions, so it is important to use the student's Accommodation Form as a guideline for providing online accommodations.

Note that extended time, and additional attempts are set up within your Canvas assessment settings. Lastly, if a student requires breaks during test time, make sure to add the additional time into the total exam time allowed in your Canvas settings.

Sample accommodations include, but are not limited to:

  • Breaks during testing allowed
  • Additional software allowed (e.g. Read&Write, JAWS, ZoomText, Sonocent, or other)
  • Second monitor allowed
  • Formula sheets allowed
  • Open notes (handwritten only)
  • Open notes (word processor document only)
  • Open notes (using Sonocent audible notes)
  • Scratch paper and pencil allowed 
  • “Cheat Sheet” allowed 
  • Digital/Physical Calculator allowed
  • Reader/Scribe allowed [please contact the AR office if the student requests either at:]
  • Other (add in your own)