Welcome Week Vision

University of Cincinnati is committed to supporting new students in their transition to college, both inside and outside the classroom. The goal of welcome activities, occurring during Welcome Week, is to successfully integrate new students into the intellectual, social, and cultural climate of the campus community.

Our Principles

Be You | Be Engaged | Be  Successful | Be Responsible

Welcome Week events will feature at least one principle that indicates the intended learning outcome, explained in detail below.


By participating in Welcome Week programs, students will be able to:

Be You

  • Recognize the contributions diversity, equity and inclusion brings to campus.
  • Recognize the college experience as a great opportunity to function in a globally diverse world.
  • Explore one’s own identity and culture.

Be Engaged

  • Begin establishing relationships with other students.
  • Begin establishing relationships with faculty & staff.
  • Learn about campus resources.
  • Identify three ways to get involved on campus.
  • Understand the impact an individual can have on their community.

Be Successful

  • Identify strategies for an effective college transition.
  • Discover on-campus opportunities to spend unstructured free time.
  • Apply previous experience(s) to a new situation.
  • Use information from a variety of sources to form a decision or opinion.
  • Identify resources on campus to support academic success.

Be Responsible

  • Make educated decisions about high-risk behaviors.
  • Live the Bearcat Bond.