Policies are in place to set a basic level of behavioral expectations for students while they attend University of Cincinnati. Different policies apply to the many different situations, events, and subgroups of students at the university, but the two that apply to ALL students irregardless are the University Alcohol Policy and the Student Code of Conduct. The choice to consume alcohol or drugs is individual and consideration of any potential consequences is a part of making that choice. Policies oftentimes dictate and inform what these consequences could be so it is advised that you review any applicable policies to your situation.

It is UC's goal to maintain a campus environment conductive to intellectual, emotional, and social growth of all members of its community. UC has established the University Alcohol Policy to govern the possession, sale, and consumption of alcohol on its campuses. It is the university’s intention  through these policies to be clear about university consequences attributed to irresponsible or illegal usage of alcohol on campus. 

“As a member of the University of Cincinnati, I will uphold the principles of a Just Community and the values of respect, responsibility, and inclusiveness. I will promote the highest levels of personal and academic honesty and aspire continuously to better myself, the Bearcat community, and the world.”

                    - Bearcat Bond

The Student Code of Conduct was approved by the Board of Trustees on July 18, 2017 and is published by the Division of Student Affairs.

  • Alcohol-related violations of the Student Code of Conduct include possessing, consuming, or distributing alcoholic beverages on campus in unlicensed facilities, except during events or in circumstances authorized by university officials; failing to comply with state law or university policy regarding use, transportation, or sale of alcoholic beverages; possessing containers designed for alcohol beverages in unauthorized locations and/or while underage; and behavior that evidences public intoxication.
  • Drugs and/or narcotics-related violations of the Student Code of Conduct include using, manufacturing, distributing, buying, selling, offering for sale, or possessing illegal drugs, narcotics, drug paraphernalia, or unauthorized use or unauthorized possession of prescription medication.

No outside alcohol is permitted in Fifth Third Arena or Nippert Stadium. Fans must be 21 to purchase alcohol and identification must be presented upon request. Further information about Fifth Third Arena and Nippert Stadium is available on their websites.

Resident Education and Development (RED) does not condone an environment where the misuse of alcohol occurs and takes preventative measures to ensure the safety and security of all residents. Most residence halls prohibit alcohol, however there are a few excepts as listed in the full policy. However, all student behavior as it relates to alcohol or drug consumption is subject to the Student Code of Conduct.

All student organizations must follow the policies outlined in the Student Organization Handbook which strictly prohibits the use, sponsorship, purchase, or possession of alcohol during organizational activities. Student organization conduct related to the use or misuse of alcohol and/or drugs would be addressed through the Student Code of Conduct.

Each chapter has the ability to host events with alcohol. The only two types of events involving alcohol that are allowed are BYOB and Third-Party Vendor, which must follow the rules specifically outlined by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. Whether or not alcohol is permitted in the chapter facility depends on the policies of their respective national organization. As fraternities and sororities are considered student organizations, any conduct related to the use or misuse of alcohol and/or drugs would be addressed through the Student Code of Conduct.

If you choose to drink alcohol abroad, refrain from underage and excessive drinking. As in the U.S.A., driving while intoxicated, drinking in the streets, and intoxication on public transportation may be considered an illegal activity by local authorities. According to the Student Code of Conduct, students should not use or have possession of illegal drugs. Illegal drug possession and charges abroad can carry severe consequences. While you are abroad, you are expected to adhere to the policies of the UC Student Code of Conduct and any behavior could be addressed through the conduct process.

All students are expected to abide by the policies outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. Specific provisions for athletes include that the consumption of alcohol by student athletes is prohibited in connection with any official intercollegiate team function. All student athletes will be required to sign a form annually acknowledging their receipt of the University’s Substance Abuse and Drug Testing Policy and a form acknowledging their understanding of the NCAA Drug Testing Program. Please reference The Student Athlete Handbook for more information. 

Any event to be hosted in an on-campus facility involving alcohol must be properly registered through Campus Event Services. Restrictions and policies involving alcohol at an event vary by building and location. All events must follow the general University Alcohol Policy.

No alcohol can be purchased with general, designated or auxiliary funds, nor can purchases be made with your P-card. Policies and approvals regarding the purchase of alcohol may vary depending on college or organizational unit so it is best to check with your supervisor before making any purchase.

Reimbursement/Payment for Alcohol Purchases Policy