Campus Rec 201

free weight area

Trainer Tips

Welcome to Campus Rec 201! Check out the tips below to get ensure you are using correct form when trying these exercises.

Equipment Tutorial

Equipment Tutorial Tips

  • For more information on how to set the weights on the selectorized weight equipment, check out this video!
  • The machines work on simple switches
  • The machine will pull the heaviest weight selected
  • If no weight is selected, it will pull 10 lbs or whatever the lightest weight is
  • Schedule a free Fitness Floor Orientation at any time at Member Services or online.

Tricep Extensions

Tricep Extension Tips

  • Keep your elbows in like earmuffs
  • Lift your arms straight up and hinge at your elbows
  • You can use a split stance to protect your lower back


Squat Tips

  • Place the bar in the meaty part of your upper back and shoulders – off of your neck!
  • Keep your heals in line with the bar when setting up
  • Take two big steps away from the bar
  • Push your hips back first!
  • Drive the knees out and push back up through the heals
  • Remember to breathe! – Exhale on the return to stand


Plank Tips

  • Keep your hands shoulder width apart, elbows lined up under the shoulders
  • Keep your body in a straight line: your core tight and butt down
  • Equal pressure through the hands into the floor and heels drive back to flex the quads
  • Hold - hold - hold!

Chest Press

Chest Press Tips

  • Have good posture while lying down to set yourself up for good posture for your chest press
  • Keep the natural curvature of your back on bench
  • Always ensure you have clips to keep your weights from falling off the bar
  • Plant your feet into the floor
  • Keep the bar in the middle of your chest/sternum while pressing and place back on the rack
  • Remember to breathe! – Exhale on the return to starting position


Bicep Curls

Bicep Curl Tips

  • Don't rock the boat!
  • Keep your elbows tight to your body and move your arms steadily up and down during the curl
  • To keep your body steady, you can try seated curls on a bench or have your back straight up against a wall


Pull Up v. Chin Up

Pull Up v. Chin Up Tips

  • Chin Up: Hands will be closer together and facing you, use more of biceps
  • Pull Up:Arms are wider, hands facing out, utilize lats
  • With both, keep a nice slow contraction while completing the movement both up and down to get the best results


Deadlift Tips

  • Keep the bar in the middle of your foot
  • Do a hair flip and push hips back
  • Keep your shoulders and lats locked down
  • Keep everything contracted while completing the entire movement of driving pressure down through the legs to return to standing



Lunge Tips

  • Plant with your front foot, keep your chest lifted and core strong
  • Move your body down like an elevator (straight down and back up) and not like an escalator (front to back)
  • Make sure your front knee doesn't go past your front toe
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