UC Employee Rec Rewards Reimbursement Program

The UC Employee REC Rewards Reimbursement program is open to benefits-eligible UC employees who are Campus Recreation members. Through this program, UC employee members are eligible to receive $26.66-per-month reimbursement for membership fees.

Rec Rewards Eligibility

The following criteria are required for eligibility for the Campus Recreation Membership Reimbursement Program:

  • Complete an initial health assessment.
  • Utilize the facilities at least eight (8) days each month.
  • Be a benefits-eligible employee of the University of Cincinnati.
  • Be a current and the primary Campus Recreation member (family/dependent members are excluded).
    • Any Red & Black membership type is eligible for the program including annual paid in full or monthly, 9-month, and 3-month
  • Complete a follow-up health assessment when contacted to do so (6 months-to-a-year into the program).

View Your Number of Visits - Online!

Members can view their number of visits online. Use My Member Services to access your information, and make sure you are on track to achieve the required monthly 8 visits for the Rec Rewards Program! If this is your first time logging in, instructions can be found on the Membership home page as well.

Reimbursement Process

  1. Work out at the Campus Recreation Center (CRC) or Fitness Center at CARE/Crawley (FC) at least eight (8) days each month to receive reimbursement. Only one facility visit per day will count towards the total 8 days.
  2. Monthly $26.66 reimbursements will appear on qualifying members' paychecks. There is a month delay between, when the facility visits take place and the month in which employee receives the reward.

For example, members completing the required number of visits in February will have their paycheck credited in March (March 31 for monthly paid employees, and last March paycheck for biweekly paid employees).

Please note: The membership reimbursement ($26.66 per applicable month) constitutes taxable income, and will be subject to federal, state and local taxes applicable in each employee’s situation.

Membership Options & Reimbursement 

Any Red & Black membership type is eligible for the reimbursement but the reimbursement amount will remain the same, $26.66/month. 

  • Red & Black annual: $36.66 - $26.66 = you'll end up paying about $10/month
  • Red & Black 9-month: $40 - $26.66 = you'll end up paying about $13.34/month
  • Red & Black 3-month: $125/3=$41.67-$26.66 = you'll end up paying about $15/month

Health Assessment Information

All participants in the program will be required to do an initial health assessment upon sign-up and a follow-up health assessment at 6 months to a year into the program.  All assessments are provided for free by Campus Recreation staff. Assessments will continue on an annual basis.

Information collected during the health assessment will include: birth date, gender, exercise frequency, smoking status, height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, body fat percentage and BMI. This information will be collected by Campus Recreation Staff and stored within the member management software. Individual data will not be shared with anyone outside of Campus Recreation staff. All participants agree to the release of this information to the university as stated above.

Schedule Your Health Assessment 

Appointments will be available during most operating hours; please call to check availability and schedule.

  • Campus Recreation Center (West Campus): 513-556-0604
  • Fitness Center at CARE/Crawley (East/Medical Campus): 513-558-0604
  • Schedule your appointment via the My Member Services portal. If you need to setup an account, click “Do not have a login?” and follow the instructions. To schedule, once logged into the portal, click on the “Schedule Services” button and choose Rec Rewards RE Assessment.

Please bring your UC ID and plan to arrive early to complete paperwork. Anticipated time for completion of assessment is 15-30 minutes.

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