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Analytical Work:

Under this assignment each student team documented and analyzed aspects of the natural and man-made environment focusing on the eastern end of Madison Corridor in Madisonville. The assignment was accomplished in two parts. Part one: Reconnaissance, research and documentation in which the subject was investigated and documented graphically, quantitatively, or in text. Part two: Summary representation in which the illustration of the subject was abstracted to emphasize key findings. The analysis was broken into four scales of inquiry: regional, vicinity, community, and site.

Regional Plans, Studies and Trends
The works presented in this section provide description and analysis of issues related to a regional scale.

Development trends 1950-present
Vicinity Issues
Studies presented in this section focus on issues related to Madisonville and surrounding areas.

Movement Systems and Proposed Improvements
Existing Land Use and Political Jurisdiction
Morphology and Settlement Patterns
Community Aspects of Madisonville
The studies presented in this section provide information in the community level.

Existing Plans
Community Development Initiatives and Programs
History of Madisonville
Social and Cultural Issues
Community Governance and Leadership
Zoning and Regulations
Experiential Qualities of Madison Road and Red Bank
Land Use: Parks, Recreational and Natural Areas, and Institutional Uses
Land Use: Residential
Land Use: Retail
Land Use: Office, Manufacturing and Others
Economic Base
Site Aspects of Nutone Site and Immediate Surrounds
Studies presented in this section focused on the currently vacant site located at the intersection of Madison Road and Redbank Expressway, in Madisonville.

History of Nutone Site
Current Plan for MedPace