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Students observed and analyzed aspects of Covington and the surrounding subregion. This work consisted of finite spatial analysis of natural and built form, social, cultural, economic, and other aspects of the city and surroundings. Individual neighborhoods within the study area were studied to understand community dynamics.

Current Issues
Current Planning Efforts
Demographics poster 1
Demographics poster 2
Licking Riverside poster 1
Licking Riverside poster 2
Land Use poster 1
Land Use poster 2
Natural Form poster 1
Natural Form poster 2
Cultural Events
Eastside Community Framework
Mainstrasse Community Framework poster 1
Mainstrasse Community Framework poster 2
Morphology Typology poster 1
Morphology Typology poster 2
Movement and Circulation poster 1
Movement and Circulation poster 2
Mutter Gottes Community Framework
Westside Community Framework poster 1
Westside Community Framework poster 2

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